Editing a Public Agent Video starring Leanne Lace

Editing Public Agent videos is some thing I have been doing since 2012.  A POV niche web site that stars really hot women.

Editing Leanne Lace Public Agent

This scene from January 2020 stars Leanne Lace.  She is interested in buying a log cabin from the Public Agent.

Set out in the wilderness on Czech Rep. the cabin is a perfect location for some incredible sex.  Leanne Lace is very interested in buying the place, but she does not have enough funds for a discount to seal the deal.

However, what Leanne Lace does have is a stunning figure.  She teases the guy with the camera and very soon a deal is made to put down her discount in a different way.

She strips out of her tight blue denim jeans and shows of her body in black lingerie.  Her fabulously plump ass and flat stomach is too much for Public Agent to turn down.

He agrees to let her have a huge discount in exchange for licking her pussy.  Of course, the sex does not end there.  There’s also a great POV sloppy blowjob and close up doggy style that is captured very well indeed.

This Take my Pussy for a Discount was edited using Premiere Pro.  There was very little blurring involved and the subtitling was all done manually.  This scene was edited way before Adobe blessed us with auto translation.

Leanne Lace has appeared in other FAKEhub porn videos.  You can see them all on her FAKEhub Model profile page.  She makes some fantastic appearances in FAKE Hostel threesomes and a great POV scene for FAKEAgent.

I am available to edit porn videos.  Either for porn production companies or OnlyFans models.  For more information, please email me or DM me on Twitter.

I work remotely using an ultra fast internet connection.  The software I use is Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve.

Editing a Louise Lee Video for her Personal Video Channels

I can’t tell you how long I have followed the fabulous big tittied blonde Louise Lee on Twitter.  She maybe one of the very first British pornstars that I followed.  I absolutely enjoy seeing her tweets.  I think I’ve probably hit the ‘like’ button on most of her personal photos.

Louise Lee Anal Sex Editing

So, it was a genuine pleasure to get a personal request from Louise Lee herself, asking me to edit an anal sex scene that she shot with a famous British male pornstar.

Of course, I was absolutely delighted to agree straight away to edit her porn video.  I actually edited her very first anal sex porn video that she shot for Fake Taxi back in April 2019.  Louise Lee Anal Training is available to watch on FakeHub.

Editing this personal Louise Lee video was a blast.  Shot using multiple cameras, I was able to piece together the scene and create an easy flowing anal sex video for her.

If you are a fan of rimjobs, then this Louise Lee anal sex video will be right up your alley.  Louise gets her tongue deep inside his chocolate starfish.  She pulls his ass cheeks apart and gets as deep as she possibly can.

You are able to find this hardcore anal sex video that I edited on her adult video channels Louise Lee OnlyFans | Louise Lee ManyVids | Louise Lee Sheer

The whole communication process between Louise and I was all carried over DM’s on Twitter, and it was a pleasure to work with this fabulous British blonde bombshell.

You can see many more videos of Louise Lee at FAKEhub – Check out her outstanding performances in Fake Driving School as well as Public Agent!

Miss Lee has also made her mark on the world of Brazzers.  She has performed in 3 Brazzers video as of 1st February 2023.

UK Porn Editor Dedicated Web Site

It has been a big decision to make, but after spending a couple of weeks away on holiday thinking about it, I have decided to delete all posts from this site and concentrate on promoting my porn video editing services.

UK Porn Editor

After 10 years of using this site for affiliation purposes, I have decided to use this site to promote my porn video editing services.

It has been a big decision to make.  The affiliation business side of my work has been very fruitful over the years, but there has been a dramatic decrease in traffic over the last 12-18 months.

I can no longer justify wasting time in posting porn scenes in the hope that one might go viral, eventually.  I believe that those days are gone.

This XXX Video Editor domain still has great domain authority when it comes to porn video editing.  That was a major plus point when deciding to make the transition from affiliation to using it my my main business of professional porn video editing.

As a UK porn editor, with over 10 years experience, I am able to provide a reliable, dedicated porn editing service to porn production companies and adult content providers.  With top rated clients such as FAKEhub (Fake Taxi, Public Agent, Female Fake Taxi Fake Driving School), Rebecca More, Elle Brooke, PropertySex to name but a few, I have gained plenty of experience.

You will be seeing new blog posts about my porn video editing work appearing on this web site on a daily basis.  I will be going through my back-catalogue of porn video edits and describing the process I went through to produce them.

I will miss seeing all the very latest updates from web sites such as Brazzers, Reality Kings and MOFOS, but I’m also very much looking forward to spending more time devoted to editing porn video.

Editing my First Double Penetration Porn Video

I’m going back to January 5th, 2020 to recall the first double penetration video that I had the pleasure of editing.  It starred British pornstar Alice Judge.  She gets her ass and pussy fucked at the same time.

Editing Alice Judge

I could not resist giving this a title that is a pun on Alice in Wonderland.  Calling it Alice in DP Wonderland was an opportunity that I could not resist.

The busty British babe is picked up by the temporary Fake Taxi driver after arranging to meet a big black cock.  During the taxi ride, she sucks that BBC and nearly bits it off as the taxi goes over a big bump in the road.

It is very important to retain these funny clips even if the performers break character slightly.  The potential of a clip going viral is gold dust!

Alice Judge looks fabulous in this video.  Her body is in tip-top condition and her tits are incredible.  For my first double penetration edit, I could not wish for a better trio.  All three of these British porn performers were total pro’s.

This scene was shot using a total of 3 cameras.  The footage needed to be synchronised using Premiere Pro.  I enjoy multi-cam editing as I get to pick and choose which angles to use during the edit.

There was a lot of face blurring to do in this Fake Taxi threesome.  I needed to blur both male performers faces.  The gaussian blur effect in Premiere Pro makes the blurring process straight forward, but it is still a little time consuming.

At the time of writing this blog post, the tube version that I also edited has over 2.4 million views just on PornHub alone.

Check out a further 5 Fake Taxi porn videos starring Alice Judge available on the FakeHub web site.