A Finger in Every Pie Luna Star Violet Gems

A Finger in Every Pie

This is a fans fantasy version. Jimmy had been eagerly trying to persuade his girlfriend, Violet, to experiment with anal play, but she remained hesitant. Despite his best efforts, Violet was simply not ready to take that step. However, Jimmy discovered that Violet’s stepmom, Luna, was far more open-minded and receptive to the idea.


Luna, a confident and alluring woman, had picked up on Jimmy’s subtle hints during family gatherings and private conversations. She had always found him attractive and was amused by his frustrated attempts with Violet. One evening, while Violet was out with friends, Luna decided to seize the opportunity.

“Jimmy, why don’t you come help me with something in the kitchen?” Luna’s voice carried a mischievous undertone that piqued Jimmy’s curiosity.

As they entered the kitchen, Luna closed the door behind them, her eyes locking onto Jimmy’s with a daring glint. She stepped closer, her hand brushing against his arm.

“I know what you’ve been trying to do with Violet,” she whispered, her breath warm against his ear. “But I think I can help you out.”

Jimmy’s heart raced as Luna’s intentions became clear. The allure of exploring his desires with Luna was irresistible. However, he was acutely aware of the risks involved. They both knew that they had to be discreet, as getting caught could have severe consequences.

“Are you sure about this, Luna?” Jimmy asked, his voice husky with anticipation.

Luna nodded, a sly smile playing on her lips. “I’m sure. But we need to be careful.”

Luna led him to her bedroom, closing the door quietly behind them. The room was dimly lit, adding to the sense of secrecy and excitement. She began to undress, her movements slow and deliberate, never breaking eye contact with Jimmy. He followed suit, his heart pounding with a mixture of nervousness and exhilaration.

Luna positioned herself on the bed, her body inviting and ready. Jimmy approached, his hands trembling slightly as he reached for her. She guided him with gentle, confident hands, ensuring he knew exactly what to do. As he entered her, the sensation was intense and electrifying, a culmination of all his fantasies.

Their movements were synchronized, a rhythm that built steadily as they both succumbed to the pleasure. Luna’s moans were soft and breathy, mingling with Jimmy’s groans of satisfaction. The taboo nature of their encounter heightened the experience, driving them both closer to the edge.

Jimmy was lost in the moment, his focus solely on the incredible sensations coursing through his body. Luna’s encouragement spurred him on, her whispered words of praise pushing him further into ecstasy. As they reached their climax, the intensity of their shared pleasure left them both breathless and spent.

Afterward, they lay together, the reality of what they had done settling in. Luna caressed Jimmy’s cheek, a satisfied smile on her lips.

“We need to keep this our secret,” she murmured. “No one can ever find out.”

Jimmy nodded, understanding the gravity of the situation. The thrill of their forbidden encounter would remain a hidden chapter in their lives, a tantalizing secret that bound them together in ways they had never anticipated.

As they dressed and prepared to return to their normal lives, Jimmy couldn’t help but feel a sense of exhilaration. He had explored his desires in a way he had never thought possible, and the memory of this night would linger with him, a reminder of the risks and rewards of daring to break the rules.