A Gooner Like Her Stepmom

A Gooner Like Her Stepmom
Rachael Cavalli, Lily Larimar

A Gooner Like Her Stepmom

When Rachael Cavalli walks in on her stepdaughter, Lily Larimar, masturbating while watching porn on her laptop, she is in the middle of doing the laundry at the time.


Lily is ashamed that she was discovered, but Rachael attempts to reassure her that everything will be well. However, the more they talk, the more Rachael understands that Lily is a goon, which is another term for a porn addict.

In the sake of providing absolute reassurance to Lily that everything is great, Rachael admits that she, too, also had a fascination with porn in the past.

In A Gooner Like Her Stepmom, Rachael’s obsession with pornography begins to reappear over time, despite her best efforts, and she eventually offers to Lily that the two of them view pornography together under the premise that they are providing assistance to Lily.

Despite the fact that Lily is taken aback, she follows through with it meekly.

They get themselves comfortable next to each other and start viewing some sensual scenes together, which ultimately leads to them masturbating close to each other.

Despite the fact that they make an effort to keep themselves under control, they are unable to resist the need to do more…

They soon come to the conclusion that viewing porn and masturbating is not enough to satisfy their desires, so they eagerly turn their focus towards EACH OTHER in an attempt to gratify those cravings!