A New Type of Massage Stephanie Love

A New Type of Massage
Stephanie Love, Jay Bangher

A New Type of Massage

Stephanie Love is in desperate need of a massage, and fortunately for her, she has none other than Jay Bangher to assist her in releasing all of the pressure that has built up all over her body.


He informs her that there is a new approach that may truly assist her in relaxing, a new scientific massage that needs him to penetrate deep into the vaginal walls. In this massage, he moves his hands in a circular motion

In BangBros A New Type of Massage, at first, the concept throws her off a little bit, but if it may assist her in any way, then why not? Jay delves deep into her and teaches her how to relax as a result.

To such an extent that she is currently really aroused and in the mood to receive more outside simply a massage. He explains to her that it is something that is only available for favoured clients and that he can assist her with it.

Therefore, Jay steps in, and with very little persuasion on his part, he provides her with precisely what it is that she requires.

He fucks her in every position till he has cums all over her face, and then he stops.