A Seed Of Something Greater Alexis Tae Lumi Ray

A Seed Of Something Greater
Alexis Tae, Lumi Ray

A Seed Of Something Greater

Lumi Ray unexpectedly pays a visit to Alexis Tae while she is unwinding at home, and she informs Alexis that she has some exciting news to offer. Alexis warmly extends an invitation for her to come inside.


During the course of their conversation, it comes out that Alexis is the town historian and Lumi is an environmentalist, and that the two of them have been collaborating to preserve an old tree.

The good news for Lumi is that they were able to effectively postpone the plans of the municipal council to cut down the tree!

AND as a token of her appreciation, she has brought a young tree sapling for them all to plant together. As they make their way to the garden, Alexis feels something.

In A Seed Of Something Greater, it is evident that Alexis and Lumi have developed a fondness for one another as a result of the time spent working together towards a common goal, as they are seen planting the tree sapling in a bright and lovely garden.

Sparks fly as a result of many instances of physical proximity, such as when Alexis washes dirt off of Lumi’s face and Lumi pulls Alexis’ shirt tight to avoid a nip-slip. Alexis and Lumi are both trying to avoid a nip-slip.

When they are finished putting the seedling in the ground, Alexis invites Lumi back inside so that they can properly celebrate their success and show how much affection they have for one another.