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Ada Lyn Is Here For Fun Fun

Ada Lyn and Sheem the Dream

When I pulled up on Ada, I discovered that she was awake. She shared with us that she was in this location with her sister, and that they were here to have some fun together. I explained to her that the bus was not only about having fun but also money.

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She was completely captivated. As a way to shake things up a little bit, I handed her money to give to Sheem in addition to getting her tits out for seven hundred dollars. Asked her what it was that she desired him to do. She paid him some money to strip naked, and when she saw his third leg, she stopped thinking about the game. She had given him some money to strip naked.

Her want was to get her hands on it and then put it in her mouth. Heem was more than eager to comply. Sheem proceeded to his favourite activity, which is eating pussy, after she had sucked him for a short while. As a result of him having her in oral extasy, she was prepared to fuck. At first, it was a really tight fit; he could hardly get his dick in while she was wearing it.

As soon as he did, however, he began to beat her up in a very effective manner. As a result of the pleasant sensation of agony, she yelled out in joy. She handled it like a pro, and I enjoyed the way her rear end was jerking back and forth as a result of the fucking that he did to her. Sheem finishes on her face, and despite all of the commotion, we never managed to move from the location where we took her up. So, she simply exited the building and continued on with her day.

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