Addison’s Perfect Gift For Johnny Addison Vodka

Addison’s Perfect Gift For Johnny
Addison Vodka, Johnny Love

Addison's Perfect Gift For Johnny

So we are cruising around for Johnnys birthday, trying to find something to get into. When we pull up, we see this stunning blonde named Addison who has such a toned body.


We will get down to business as soon as we have dealt with the initial creepiness of the situation. We make her an offer of one thousand dollars for her pants.

Although she was hesitant at first, she eventually got on the bus and gave the items to Johnny, to whom we offered five hundred dollars to put them on.

Everyone laughs at Johnny the Clown because of the embarrassing situations he gets himself into.

We increase the amount of money we are willing to pay her to strip completely. After that, she joins Johnny in the discomfort while they are both naked, which is evocative of the final scene in the graduate.

It turns out that she hasn’t been sexually active in quite some time, and she thought that this would be the ideal present for Johnny. We ask her could he eat her pussy and it actually was the fastest yes of the day.

Johnny puts the moves on her, and his dick becomes really firm. When she asks if she can suck it, Johnny’s face lights up in the most adorable way. You Should See It. She is not going to take it.

Johnny fucks her like her lovely, gorgeous ass deserves to be fucked because Johnny fucks her as she deserves it. She cums so much we have to give her a moment at the end.

Johnny places a substantial load on top of her slender frame. The birthday present couldn’t have been much better than this. I am grateful to you, Johnny.