Ameena Takes Two Brick Dicks Ameena Green

Ameena Takes Two Brick Dicks

Ameena Green and Ace, her lover, are having a quiet sexual time together, but they are unaware that Brickzilla, his stepfather, is awake and ready to take a shower. He couldn’t help but notice that his step son is buried deep within his girlfriend as he was walking towards it. He couldn’t help but notice it.


Taking a few of shots, he then proceeded to the toilet to jack off, just as any other stepfather would do. Brickzilla was inside, and Ameena was astonished to see him jacking off. Ameena wanted to take a break to use the loo. When she saw how large his dick was, she couldn’t believe it, and she immediately began toying with it.

Until she asked if they could all fuck together, Ace was unable to accept what she was saying. During the time that she is gagging on Ace’s dick, Brickzilla has a whole dick up her tight pussy. This is the result of one thing leading to another. It is highly recommended that you do not miss out on this stepfamily trio, especially when you take into consideration Ameena’s beautiful round ass.