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An Ass Full Of Pure Intentions

Nichole Saphir Alex Jones Dan Damage

A couple who are working on their modesty and upholding moral ideals, Nichole Saphi and Dan Damage, have come to an agreement that they will not have sexual relations prior to getting married. In spite of the fact that they have good intentions, their sinful histories are beginning to catch up with them.


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This is especially true for blonde Nichole, who is at the end of her rope; she doesn’t just want to fuck; she wants it in her ass! Nichole makes an attempt to entice Dan to return to their previous ways of doing things, but he is able to say no. This tattooed Nichole has had enough and needs to get fucked as soon as possible.

Nichole arranges for an incognito hookup to take place when Dan is away conferring with a higher power. This allows Nichole to have her fill of dick while saving Dan from encountering temptation.

On the other hand, Dan returns home while Nichole, who is known for her big mouth, is having an affair with Alex Jones, who is unknown to him, and the idea of a sloppy, anal trio drives him to the point of insanity! As a result of his giving in to temptation, he and Alex take turns filling Nichole’s holes, which are both tight and wet.

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