Anal Date With Roommate Alyssa Bounty

Anal Date With Roommate
Alyssa Bounty, Freddy Gong

Anal Date With Roommate

Alyssa is in the process of showering when her intrusive flatmate, Freddy, surreptitiously observes her. Freddy is sexually aroused by the attractive physique of the woman and engages in self-stimulation.


Alyssa observes him and commences a performance. He flees when he anticipates being apprehended. She opts to bring the programme into the bedroom and, as expected, the intruder reappears.

She confronts him directly, informing him that she is aware of his presence and his inappropriate behaviour of voyeurism and masturbation.

He is experiencing a slight sense of embarrassment, but she reassures him that there is no need to be secretive with his large penis, and she promptly proceeds to perform oral sex.

Both individuals have harboured a desire for this outcome over an extended period. Freddy informs her that, given the extent of their progress, he strongly desires to engage in anal intercourse with her.

She doubts that it will be possible, but Freddy’s expertise in manipulation allows him to expand her boundaries as he skillfully stretches her with his impressive prowess.

After he ejaculates into her face, he promises her that they may live together as roommates for as long as she desires.