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Bang Bros Culo Columbiana

Samantha Cruuz and Freddy Gong

With Samantha Cruz, we put a smile on Freddy’s face and, hopefully, on yours as well. A stacked brown Amazon, she hails from the country of Columbia. I am glad that I was present to translate because she has a limited command of the English language.


Brazzers Quarterback Pounding | Gal By Alexis And Hollywood | Bang Bros I Do Enjoy Abby McCoy

But I think that the word “fucking” is understood in every language. We give her some oil, and Freddy then shoves his dick down her throat to the very bottom. Gawk gawk gawk is another sound that is heard everywhere. Even if he does a good job of fucking her tight pussy, we are familiar with the fact that Freddy will not be content unless he also gets her asshole.

As he presses his head into Samantha’s butthole, she offers her whole attention. While he is plastering her face, he is wrecking her butthole in numerous positions. She takes it like a champ as well. Samantha has expressed that she had a good time today, just like we did. Soon, we look forward to seeing you again.

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