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Bang Bros I Do Enjoy Abby McCoy

Abby McCoy, Sheem the Dream

We arrive at Abby, a stunning redhead, and Sheem immediately falls in love with her. I hardly have time to execute a game on her before Sheem interrupts me to comment on how stunning and alluring she is. Because I was able to get her to show us her tiddies while we were on the bus, he is fortunate that the money speaks more than he does.


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Since Sheem was constantly bragging about how strong he was, I’m willing to wager that he wouldn’t be able to rip Abby’s leggings. Despite the fact that she needed some convincing, she was prepared to give him a shot. After some time, Sheem managed to get them pulled open completely, so revealing all of Abby’s a$$.

In Bang Bros I Do Enjoy Abby McCoy, she did not have any pants on at the time. It was then that Sheem pointed out that her pussy was very wet, which caused her to feel a little ashamed. I informed Abby that I would offer her 500 dollars if she would let Sheem eat her pussy. Abby agreed that the whole affair was having a sexual effect on her.

She enthusiastically agreed, and that was the thing that pushed her over the edge. Her message to Sheem was that it was time for her to repay the favour. That being said, she sucked his dicked as if it were her job. When the two, who were both now head over heels in love with each other, started fucking each other so hard, I thought the van was going to fall apart.

After hitting her pussy as if it were a fight, Sheem then came in her mouth and swallowed her. As we were leaving Abby, I gave her a pair of Sheems because we did not have enough time to go out and get new trousers for her. A token of appreciation from the man who falls in love.

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