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Bang Bros Maid Gone Rogue

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QueenRogueXXX and Sheem the Dream

This morning, Queen Rogue came over to clean my apartment, and all I could think about was how naked she looked. Immediately after she started working, I inquired about whether or not she would be willing to clean topless for a sum of three hundred dollars.

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I told her that she needed the money to fix her car, and she replied that she would do it as long as I didn’t tell anybody else about it. At the same time as she was cleaning, it was so satisfying to watch those big ass tiddies bounce around. So, the second component of my plan was now operational. I asked her if she would be willing to strip down to her knickers for an additional $400.

The confirmation came much more quickly as the amount of money began to accumulate. Now that I was entirely naked and working those thick and voluptuous curves, the final stage of my plan had begun. I took out my dick and began massaging it so that she could see what you were doing.

I had the money prepared, but Queen Rogue threw me for a loop and made me forget about it. If I had only wanted to fuck, she could have said that we had both grown up. I should have just said that. She proceeded to suffocate my cock, after which she proceeded to ride it like a motorbike.

Considering that I wasn’t going to let her out fuck me today, I went ahead and fucked her as if I had something to tell her. I climbed up her face and into her mouth like a wolf. She advised me that I should recruit her on a full-time basis.

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