BBC Sharks Whitney OC

BBC Sharks
Whitney OC and Damion Dayski

BBC Sharks

The gorgeous Whitney OC makes her BangBros debut.  She has her wet tight pussy stretched and pounded by the big black cock belonging to Damion Dayski.


When our favoured van pulled up, Whitney OC was already on her way to the beach, and the passengers warned her about the large black BBC sharks that live in Florida.

She was a Yoga instructor, and in exchange for some cash, she consented to provide the boys with a Yoga demonstration.

In Band bros BBC Sharks, they increased her compensation to $500 in exchange for a nudist yoga demonstration. After that, they requested that Damion Dayski participate in the naked yoga moves with her.

When Damion took off his clothes, Whitney witnessed the largest BBC of her life, and it was from that moment that she realised what people meant when they talked about BBC sharks

Her curiosity was piqued. She desired to have physical contact with and suckle from the large cock. She actually did it. After that, they had a fuck.

The dick of Damion was quite large. It was not possible to fit everything in. They fucked as deeply as she could go, and then he put his cum in her mouth and continued to make out with her.