BBQ Bash & Sneaky Smash Miss Raquel Selina Bentz

BBQ Bash & Sneaky Smash

There are a lot of hotties at this barbecue, especially the hostess of MILF, Miss Raquel. However, it is also worth viewing her stepson AJ’s stunning college mates in their bikinis.


During the hot dog eating contest, the fortunate attendees of the party get to watch the activity, and when Selina Bentz limbos, her skirt rides up to reveal her bare pussy! Selina makes a smooth transition from sucking a popsicle to surreptitiously sucking AJ’s cock, but when Miss Raquel discovers her, she becomes quite enraged.

The college student is on the verge of being kicked out, but Selina manages to convince the attractive MILF to let her stay, and the two have a sexual encounter in the kitchen.