Big Trouble In Little Venus

Big Trouble In Little Venus
Venus Vixen and Jovan Jordan

Big Trouble In Little Venus

The step daughter with the most sex drive in the world has got to be Venus. Her stepfather Jovan is constantly catching her when she is cruising around the house on her dildo.


He had just stepped out of the shower when he discovers her engaging in sexual activity in the living room. He reached the conclusion that enough was enough and that he needed to take her toy away from her.

He places it at a location that is inaccessible to her, and it is at that moment that she realises how tall and strong her stepfather is. When compared to her diminutive size, Jovan is an enormous person.

In BangBros Big Trouble In Little Venus, she begins to wonder what else on him could possibly be so large. After she removes his towel, she notices that Jovan’s dick is significantly larger than her entire arm.

Even with her whole hand around it, she is unable to completely encircle it. She is unsure whether or not she will be able to fit it in her mouth. You are aware of the situation, provided that her mother does not find out about it.

While she is sucking on it, she tries to get as much of it as she can into her mouth, but the true test will be whether or not it can go inside her itty-bitty pussy. Just about by a hair.

The enormous father and the teeny-tiny child both cram as much as they can into her. He proceeds to spew all over her face.

In the end, she reassures him that there is no longer any requirement for her to ride her dildo while he is present.