Brazzers MILFS Take Miami Part 1

MILFS Take Miami Part 1
Natasha Nice, Alexis Fawx, Valerica Steele, CJ Miles, JMac, James Angel

MILFS take Miami Part 1

When Alexis Fawx, CJ Miles, and Natasha Nice arrived in Miami for a boring work meeting, their sexual appetites were immediately stirred by their younger driver, who teased them as soon as they stepped off the plane. Meat for the cougars to gorge themselves on…


The trio can’t help but be enticed by the pandemonium that is going on around them as they check into their hotel during Spring Break.

There are people flashing in the streets, horsing around the pool and the sexual tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife!

Do these college kids seriously believe that they can throw a better party than our MILFs?!

It’s possible that they change out of their “conference casual” attire and into something that exposes more of their bouncing tits, juicy asses, and tight bodies in order to lure away potential partners like Jmac and slip away to a room for an exclusive sloppy threesome filled with drool, cum, and the violet-haired minx Valerica Steele. This would allow them to steal potential partners.

These studs and fresh co-eds are not even close to being ready for the hedonistic sexual fucking of their lifetimes, which is only made possible by the experienced alluring energy of needy, horny, and knowledgeable MILFs…