Brazzers Rinse Spit Slob on the Dentist’s Dick

Brazzers Rinse Spit Slob on the Dentist’s Dick
Lexi Lore, Lia Lovely,and Mick Blue

Brazzers Rinse Spit Slob on the Dentist's Dick

Lia Lovely has scheduled a consultation with Dr Heiny-Handler (Mick Blue), a reputable expert in the field, because she is experiencing some oral and jaw problems.


The dental hygienist (Lexi Lore) tries to reach into Lia’s mouth but is unable to do so until she touches her lubricated pussy.

In Brazzers Rinse Spit Slob on the Dentist’s Dick, Lexi learns a startling realisation: the patient’s suffering is caused by a poor blowjob technique!

Lia Lovely uses a light-mounted dildo to prepare Lexi’s eager mouth for the dentist’s throbbing services.

Dr. Heiny-Handler promptly takes advantage of the situation and forces his enormous cock down Lia’s throat, retraining her jaw.

While the dentist is pounding Lia’s pussy on the chair, the helpful hygienist squeezes Lia’s large tits, massages the doctor’s balls, and occasionally sneaks a slurp for herself.

Lexi gets involved, and as toothpaste, spit and pussy juice flood the office, the patient and hygienist switch off the dentist’s dick. I assume that’s what those tiny hoses are for.

Dr. Heiny Handler uses a mouth-spreader to shoot his throat FAR down Lexi’s throat as the last sign that they have successfully corrected the patient’s poor technique.

How can we speed up the completion of the six-month checkup? What a teaching visit for all.

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