Brazzers Sneaky Foot Fetishist Gets Oiled Up & Scissored

Brazzers Sneaky Foot Fetishist Gets Oiled Up & Scissored
Kira Noir, Susie Stellar and Brock Cooper

Sneaky Foot Fetishist Gets Oiled Up & Scissored

Kira Noir is a massage therapist that enjoys bringing her foot pussy to work. She has a foot fetish and finds it quite satisfying.


Kira is already worked up and devising a nefarious plan when Susie Stellar and her boyfriend arrive for their couples massage.

Kira’s goal is to have sexual relations with Susie’s man’s cock. Kira is unable to control herself when she sees his large muscular toes; she immediately wants to rub her oily tits all over them.

She pulls out her trusty foot pussy, and his cock is treated to an entirely new jerk off sensation. Soon enough, he will pop, and Susie will catch the foot pussy as it flies straight into her hands.

In Brazzers Sneaky Foot Fetishist Gets Oiled Up & Scissored, Susie is coated with foot come, but she isn’t going to let that make her angry before she exacts her revenge.

Susie encourages her man to beat Kira so that Kira can experience the consequences of her actions.

Kira gulps down the cum foot, and right then and there on the massage table, a girl-on-girl scissor session gets incredibly heated and aggressive.

Pornstars Featured in Brazzers Sneaky Foot Fetishist Gets Oiled Up & Scissored

Kira Noir

A total stunner One of the hottest stars to emerge from the porn industry in recent years is Kira Noir.

Since her debut in 2015, this all-natural beauty has been captivating porn lovers with her stunning face, natural breasts, and round booty.

She has already received numerous nominations, including for AVN’s Best New Starlet in 2017. Kira enjoys many forms of porn, not just one in particular.

This bisexual beauty has a strong affinity for females, which explains why she excels at spicing up lesbian encounters and making her terrific as the star of her extremely sensual anal escapades.

As a natural-born goth, Kira occasionally relishes expressing her darker side and testing her boundaries through bondage and fetish play, and her admirers adore the way she appears in black leather!

To see which team enters the game today, watch her star in Brazzers Sneaky Foot Fetishist Gets Oiled Up & Scissored.

Susie Stellar

There is no denying Susie Stellar’s status as a star.

This naughty hottie was brought up in a strict Catholic home, and similar to other repressed upbringings, ever since she was able to shoot smut on set, she’s been making up for lost time!

Susie like a self-assured man who can be both tender and hard when necessary, teases her, and makes her want something.

Susie enjoys losing herself in drawing, painting, and other forms of art in order to attract the man of her dreams.

She also keeps herself physically and creatively challenged by dancing and biking.

It won’t be long before Susie Stellar’s star is etched into the Porno Hall of Fame with all the rave reviews this motion picture movie is receiving!