Brazzers Too Tight Siri Dahl

Brazzers Too Tight
Siri Dahl and Dan Damage

Brazzers Too Tight

Siri is currently cleaning her sultry, voluptuous body in the shower as she prepares for a date.


It’s too bad that her bonehead helper Dan forgot to leave out her dress for her date night.

After finishing her moisturiser, Siri summons him in to the room so that he can hand her the garment…

However, it shrunk after it was cleaned! In order to maintain his professional demeanour, Dan must struggle to get Siri’s too-tight dress over her ample assets while she stands naked before him.

In Brazzers Too Tight, it’s really too constrictive and won’t go on at all! For Dan’s sake, it’s a good thing that Siri is so horny, because his inevitable boner causes her to abandon her plans, rip off Dan’s pants and suckle his enormous cock!

She allows Dan to titfuck her before the two of them smash on every surface in the bathroom, which ultimately results in a massive facial for Siri… It seems as though Siri’s date will have to be postponed.

Pornstar Featured in Brazzers Too Tight

Siri Dahl

Siri is your busty dream girl come to life, born in Minnesota and raised in Texas.

Siri has certainly made a great sensation since her pornographic debut, winning the “Best Newcomer” award in the Miss Freeones 2012 event and being nominated for 2013’s “Best New Starlet” AVN Award.

Miss Dahl in fact, adorned the covers of ten DVDs and four men’s magazines in her first year as an adult entertainer. It’s easy to see why Siri has been such a smash hit.

This hot babe is one extremely luscious piece of ass with her large natural tits and thick delicious buttocks. The key to her success, though, is more than just a killer body.

Siri has wanted to be a porn star since she was 19, and her devotion to porn is precisely what it takes to be one of the finest!