Break Up Shake Up Make Up

Break Up Shake Up Make Up
Khloe Kapri and Chanel Camryn

Break Up, Shake Up, Make Up

However, despite Chanel Camryn and Khloe Kapri’s best efforts, this lesbian pair just can’t seem to stop fighting when they’re on vacation!


In Break Up Shake Up Make Up, Chanel is convinced that she has identified the root of the issue, which is the fact that they haven’t had sexual relations in far too long.

She then licks her girlfriend’s pussy and scissors her after she has successfully silenced Khloe’s allegations with a kiss. The two hotties make up by 69ing each other and sharing a toy.

Pornstars Featured in Break Up Shake Up Make Up

Khloe Kapri

Khloe Kapri, one of the industry’s most brilliant stars today, is here to bring a little slice of heaven straight to your door. When she was working as a pizza delivery girl, this fresh-faced beauty learnt all about making people happy.

Khloe still enjoys sharing happiness, but she’s been using a somewhat different set of skills since her adult film debut in 2017.

When Khloe answers the doorbell these days, she’s the one who’s about to eat, whether she’s sucking a beautiful babe’s pussy or demonstrating her fantastic deepthroating talents!

This bisexual blonde admits to being an exhibitionist, so she feels even hotter knowing that the sight of her little boobs bouncing as she rides a thick cock has her viewers salivating!

Order the hot, delectable, and oh-so-satisfying Khloe right now and enjoy!

Chanel Camryn

Chanel Camryn, a former bikini barista in Alaska, with firsthand knowledge and experience about the dynamics of being passionate and energetic.

If Miss Chanel is capable of maintaining her naturally shaped body in a state of warmth just through the use of lingerie under the harsh winter conditions of Alaska, it is quite probable that she possesses the ability to elevate your body’s temperature as well.

Chanel acknowledges that before to her involvement in the adult entertainment industry, her sexual experiences were very conventional.

However, she has since embarked on a journey of exploration, engaging in various activities such as intimate encounters with individuals of the same gender and engaging in sexual acts with larger and more substantial male genitalia.

These experiences are now being documented on camera for the sake of audience enjoyment, and it is worth noting that her performances are widely regarded as highly arousing.