Mutually Beneficial Jessica Starling

Property Sex Mutually Beneficial
Jessica Starling

Mutually Beneficial

Chuck does not anticipate anyone coming to his house, but when the stunningly attractive Jessica Starling knocks on his door, he does not hesitate to welcome her inside.


Chuck has no intention of selling his home, despite the fact that Jessica is an exceptional real estate agent who guarantees she will be able to negotiate an incredible price for it.

Jessica provides him with an additional incentive by unbuttoning her top and exposing her large natural tits for him to play with.

At the same time that she is touching herself, she tells Chuck to lick her pussy. After that, she sucking on his dick and wrapping her gorgeous boobs around it.

However, after Chuck has fucked her and given her a creampie, will he be ready to sell?

It’s Our First Time Freya Parker Scarlett Alexis

It’s Our First Time
Freya Parker, Scarlett Alexis

It's Our First Time
Freya Parker Scarlett Alexis

These newlyweds are really pleased to go to an open house for the very first time.


They are welcomed by a real estate agent named Scarlett Alexis, who welcomes them inside to take a look at the house and enjoy the fruit tray that she has prepared.

During It’s Our First Time, in spite of this, Scarlett gives her husband Donnie a taste of the forbidden fruit by performing a blowjob behind his wife’s back while Freya Parker is taking in the landscape from the balcony.

After Freya has caught them, she becomes enraged.

However, Scarlett, who is very persuasive, manages to calm her down, and before long, the three attractive individuals are tasting each other before sharing Donnie’s dick.

This Is The House Angel Youngs

This Is The House
Angel Youngs

Angel Youngs has made an effort to be patient with her incredibly picky client Chuck.


But, this is the 42nd house that she has showed him, and despite the fact that it has everything that he requested, he is still not ready to commit to making an offer on the property.

Chuck takes Angel’s joke seriously, which comes as a surprise to Angel. She asks Chuck if sucking his dick can convince him to compromise.

The curvy blonde decides that she has no choice but to do so, and before long, she is on her knees, consuming Chuck’s cock.

In Property Sex This Is The House, the fact that she enjoys it so much compels her to ride him and give him a steamy tittyfuck. Angel has two things that she adores: a large dick and a large paycheck.

However, will she be able to persuade Chuck to purchase this property?

Property Sex Come Join Us Jill Kassidy Riley Reign

Property Sex Come Join Us
Jill Kassidy and Riley Reign

Property Sex Come Join Us

In front of Jill Kassidy, a lovely blonde estate agent, Charles Dera cautions his wife Riley Reign to keep her excitement over the house in check, but he has no idea that she is about to do the exact opposite of what he expects her to do!


During the time that Jill is away on a call, Riley advises that they break into the house using a blowjob. Riley is interested in renting this house.

During Property Sex Come Join Us, Jill notices that they are having a sexual encounter, and she becomes horny despite the fact that she is secretly watching them.

They tell her to come join in when they notice her, and then the chicks lick each other before sharing Charles’s cock that they have just discovered.

About Jill Kassidy

Jill Kassidy is effortlessly charming in every way, with the exception of her libido. When horny, this typically calm customer becomes so enraged that she becomes positively nuclear!

Jill has consistently operated in this manner, as her participation in the school cheerleading and dance teams provided her with the necessary skills and recognition to utilise them for her own erotic benefit in the future.

After successfully selling timeshares in her hometown of Dallas for a few months following graduation, Jill became impatient and decided to contact an acquaintance who was already established in the industry.

He assisted her in locating her destined position in pornography. After a brief journey by aircraft, this Texan sexie made her home state proud by attaining the prestigious Lone Star status with a renowned celestial body.

It is true that Jill Kassidy has experienced a convergence of celestial bodies that have fated her as the forthcoming force in the pornographic industry.

About Riley Reign

To have an intimate encounter with Riley Reign, you must possess a sizable genitalia and be proficient in its utilisation.

Riley states that she desires a partner who loves to be fucked like a slut and is unafraid to spank her ideal peach while striking it from behind.

Being large and muscular enough to lift this toned, weightlifting beauty, along with her natural double-Ds, and play with her is also greatly appreciated.

Riley, a naturally passionate individual who cannot get enough dick, is kind enough to provide her tens of thousands of admirers with access to all of her hottest sex exploits.

I’ve Been Backed Up Armani Black

I’ve Been Backed Up
Armani Black


Armani Black, a real estate agent, is enraged when she walks in on Tony Rubino, whom she had hired to empty boxes in preparation for an open house, holding his private parts in his hand.


Tony admits that the reason he has been moving so slowly recently is because he hasn’t gotten laid since he ended his relationship.

Armani gets Tony to promise that he’ll work quickly in exchange for her assistance, and then she begins sucking his dick.

Armani enjoys playing with herself and instructs him to fuck her pussy because she could use some relief before going to work as well.

Property Sex Husband Out of Town Adria Rae

Husband Out of Town
Adria Rae

Husband Out of Town

Adria Rae is quite interested when realtor Chuck knocks on her door offering to sell her condo for nearly double what she paid for it.

This horny brunette is even more interested in having some fun with him while her husband is away.

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In Property Sex Husband Out of Town, Chuck can’t believe his eyes when Adria gets naked and rubs her pussy in front of him, and he’s eager to satisfy her with not one but two loads. Getting the listing is just a bonus!

Firm on Price Chloe Temple

Property Sex Firm on Price
Chloe Temple

Firm on Price

Tony Rubino’s looked at this house a few times, but he doesn’t want to come up to the asking price, and the sellers are not going to go down.


Property Sex Firm on Price, luckily, hot blonde realtor Chloe Temple is! She suggests to Tony that the two of them can negotiate as she takes out her tits and sucks his cock.

Tony’s more than happy to get a little perk as Chloe rides him and persuades him to make an offer.