Pure Taboo We Mustn’t Upset Him Dee Williams Lulu Chu

Pure Taboo We Mustn’t Upset Him
Dee Williams, Lulu Chu

Pure Taboo We Mustnt Upset him

Katie (Lulu Chu), whose parents were recently killed in a sad accident, decides to move in with an old family friend, Wanda (Dee Williams), and Harold, Wanda’s husband.


Katie does not get the opportunity to meet Wanda’s husband when she arrives because he is allegedly abroad on a business trip.

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However, Wanda makes it a point to remind Katie that Harold’s household adheres to a stringent set of rules and that she should respect them.

In Pure Taboo We Mustn’t Upset Him, Katie thinks that this is a little excessive, but she is relieved to have some refuge, so she takes it in stride.

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Despite her best efforts, Katie does not even so much as get a glimpse of Harold during the course of the next weeks. He is perpetually on the verge of departing or is otherwise occupied with another work trip…

However, this does not mean that Katie does not sense his presence in any other way.

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Katie’s living situation, which initially appears to be a pleasant one, quickly turns into a stressful situation since Wanda places more and more restrictions on her independence in order to comply with Harold’s so-called “house rules.”

Katie eventually comes to the conclusion that Wanda must be stuck in a marriage that is emotionally abusive, as this appears to be the root cause of Wanda’s unending streams of misery and anxiety.

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During Pure Taboo We Mustn’t Upset Him, Katie makes the decision to confront Wanda about it, and she offers to let Wanda spank her as a method for Wanda to work through her demons… and ultimately release herself from Harold’s shadow. Wanda accepts Katie’s offer.

In the end, Wanda and Katie engage in passionate, high-energy lesbian sex together, which, luckily, appears to provide Wanda with a new perspective on her life. But the question that needs to be answered is: what does Harold make of all of this?

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Cora can hardly believe what she is hearing, but she makes the decision to take a chance and give Marcus what he has always yearned for so that she can finally be free of him for ever.

Pure Taboo Long Time No Stalk Robby Apples Victoria Voxxx

Pure Taboo Long Time, No Stalk
Robby Apples, Victoria Voxxx

Pure Taboo Long Time No Stalk

When Cora (Victoria Voxxx) opens her front door to collect her morning paper, she is taken aback to see Marcus (Robby Apples) hovering over her. Cora is shocked by his presence.


It has come to Cora’s attention that Marcus is a man who followed her around when she used to live in another state; nevertheless, she was never able to gather sufficient evidence to obtain a restraining order against him.

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It appears that all of Cora’s efforts were for naught because Marcus has followed her here and moved in just next door. Cora relocated here only to get away from him, but it appears that her efforts were for naught.

Over the course of the following few days, Marcus follows Cora around and watches her as she goes about her daily routine.

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He follows her around while she gardens, watches her after she takes a shower, and even sneaks up to the window of her living room to get a better view of her as she cleans her house. He does this to make her feel uncomfortable.

And later on, when Cora discovers a new pair of footprints outside this window, she makes the decision to contact the authorities once more, despite the fact that they still refuse to assist her. It would appear that she is alone herself.

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Marcus knocks on Cora’s door the following day while carrying one of her packages, and he does so carrying it. Although he says that it was sent to him in error, Cora is able to see right through the ugly sneer that he is wearing.

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She is adamant that she find out what it will take for him to finally abandon her and go live his life somewhere.

Marcus ponders how difficult it would be for him to relocate so soon after arriving in the new location, but he drops indications that he MIGHT take the idea into consideration if she can convince him that it will be worthwhile…

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Cora can hardly believe what she is hearing, but she makes the decision to take a chance and give Marcus what he has always yearned for so that she can finally be free of him for ever.

Pure Taboo I Can’t Cum Without Her Kenna James Dee Williams

Pure Taboo I Can’t Cum Without Her
Kenna James, Dee Williams, Alex Mack

Pure Taboo I Can't Cum Without Her

Kate and Trevor (Kenna James and Alex Mack), a married couple, are paying a visit to Trevor’s stepmom, Leslie (Dee Williams).


They had called Leslie ahead of time to make sure she was home, letting her know that they have something important they need to talk with her about.

And when Leslie opens the door to greet them, it’s clear that there’s something troubling weighing on their minds.

Leslie tries to keep things pleasant, offering for them to join her in the living room and share their news.

In Pure Taboo I Can’t Cum Without Her, Kate takes the lead, tentatively explaining to Leslie that, unfortunately, Trevor hasn’t been able to finish with her during intercourse, making their attempts at having a family in vain.

Leslie is shocked to hear this but tries to remain supportive of her stepson and his wife. After all, this is quite a difficult thing to have to deal with for a newly married couple.

But when Kate explains WHY Trevor can’t finish, Leslie is even more shocked and embarrassed.

It’s revealed that Trevor and Leslie had a taboo relationship when Trevor was a younger man, something that Trevor had kept a secret from Kate until these problems surfaced. Ever since that relationship,

Trevor has never been able to cum with anyone else- something he’s secretly resented his stepmom for.

However, Kate and Trevor have thought of a way for Leslie to right her wrongs… by helping Trevor cum right now as he and Kate fuck in front of her.

Leslie is shocked and flustered… but her guilt is too much for her to ignore. She agrees to stay by their side as they make love in the living room, touching and motivating Trevor throughout so that he can finally impregnate Kate.

But will this be enough for Trevor and Kate to ultimately forgive her?

Pure Taboo Pampering Our Sitter Penny Barber Coco Lovelock

Pure Taboo Pampering Our Sitter
Seth Gamble, Penny Barber, Coco Lovelock

Pure Taboo Pampering Our Sitter

Chelsea (Coco Lovelock) arrives at a luxurious house, enviously admiring it while reflecting on how rough her life is right now, especially when it comes to the relationship she has with her parents.


She then meets Lydia (Penny Barber) and Anthony (Seth Gamble), a married couple, who warmly invite her inside.

Lydia and Anthony begin interviewing Chelsea, seemingly to be their new babysitter.

Chelsea is earnest and honest, though she unintentionally reveals a hint of an unhappy home life during the conversation.

As the interview continues, it seems like Lydia and Anthony don’t have a family yet but are in the process of trying to conceive.

That’s when Chelsea starts to become weirded out by their doting mannerisms, especially when they start asking her strange, personal questions.

Lydia and Anthony soon reveal that they don’t intend to have their own family — they want HER to be their family!

In Pure Taboo Pampering Our Sitter, they promise that they’ll take good care of Chelsea if she’ll help them live out their family fantasy.

Although Chelsea’s shocked by all of this, she soon becomes tempted by the idea of a new, perfect life…

Pure Taboo Take Care of Yourself Seth Gamble, Spencer Scott, Jazmin Luv

Pure Taboo Take Care of Yourself
Seth Gamble, Spencer Scott, Jazmin Luv

Pure Taboo Take Care of Yourself

When Amy (Jazmin Luv) arrives, she finds herself at a luxurious house.


Since she is running late for an orientation for a potential job as a live-in carer, she is feeling a little amount of added pressure and stress.

Amy has not exactly had an easy time recently, as she has battled to find employment and even to offer a suitable home to live for herself and her children. The situation has not been an easy one for her.

However, as of today, she is positive that all will soon be different. She is more on the cusp than she has ever been of securing a respectable career, and she is not going to let this opportunity pass her by.

In Pure Taboo Take Care of Yourself, Mrs. and Mr. Dent, played by Spencer Scott and Seth Gamble, are the ones that greet Amy when she arrives at their house.

Mrs. Dent exudes warmth and friendliness, but curiously enough, Mr. Dent gives off the impression of being somewhat reserved and pensive.

Even so, Amy gives him an odd look, but he doesn’t seem to be bothered by it as she shrugs it off as best she can.

They take Amy on a tour of the house, showing her all of the rooms, including the ones in which she and her family will be staying.

Amy is astounded by the lavish accommodations at the location, as well as the possibility of one day being in a position to offer a secure sanctuary for her very own family.

After that, the Dents lead Amy to the couch, where they get ready to go over the specifics of the arrangement in greater depth.

However, Amy is bewildered by the situation; where is the patient for whom she is meant to be caring?

Mrs Dent grins and then gestures to her husband, who has surprisingly slipped his cock out of his trousers and is now stroking it.

During Pure Taboo Take Care of Yourself, Amy has, as it turns out, already had a face-to-face encounter with the individual for whom she would be caring, and this particular individual has somewhat unique requirements…

Amy will decide how to proceed. Will she agree to Mr. Dent’s terms and service and fulfil all of his whims, whether sexual or otherwise?

Or will she revert to the life of hopelessness and toil that she has been so arduously attempting to claw her way out of for as long as she can remember?

Pure Taboo Terms And Conditions Lola Fae

Pure Taboo Terms And Conditions
Nathan Bronson, Lola Fae

Pure Taboo Terms and Conditions

When a representative, Fred (Nathan Bronson), from a dating service that Laura (Lola Fae) has recently subscribed to unexpectedly shows up at her door, Laura (Lola Fae) is taken aback.


Fred continues to insist that he needs to talk to her, so even though she tries to push him away, he is permitted to enter the building.

At this point, Fred reveals to Laura that the ‘terms and conditions’ that she agreed to in order to use the dating website included a clause that gave him permission to make unrestricted use of her body in any circumstance.

Laura is taken aback and adamantly asserts that there is no way that could ever be true.

On the other hand, Fred is arrogant as he points out to her that if she had actually READ the contract, she would have been aware of what she was agreeing to when she signed it.

In Pure Taboo Terms And Conditions, Laura soon comes to the conclusion that she does not want to make the issue any more complicated than it already is, so she decides to let him have his way with her right now and whenever he wants in the future…

Pure Taboo Protecting Her Chastity Coco Lovelock

Pure Taboo Protecting Her Chastity
Derrick Pierce, Coco Lovelock

Protecting Her Chastity

During the time that his teenage stepdaughter Rosie (Coco Lovelock) is dating, Edward (Derrick Pierce) is concerned about keeping her as pure as possible.


One day, he gives it to her as a present; it’s a chastity belt. Rosie is taken aback, but in order to avoid disappointing her stepfather, she decides to comply with his request and put on the belt.

But while he is assisting her in putting on the chastity belt, Edward is thinking immoral thoughts about her, which quickly develop into an obsession…

During the following few weeks, Edward observes Rosie in secret, becoming increasingly fascinated on the chastity belt as his hunger progressively develops.

Finally, one evening, Rosie asks for the belt to be removed so that she can do whatever she wants to her body.

She claims that she has been a good girl and that she still has wants that can’t be neglected despite the fact that she hasn’t done anything wrong.

Edward does not object to this so long as he is able to observe it.

In Protecting Her Chastity, despite being shocked, Rosie is unable to fight it since she has been in denial for weeks, so she gives in and allows it to happen.

However, Edward eventually gives in and hungrily approaches her, proposing to have sex with her as the ultimate form of comfort…

Pure Taboo Collect Call

Pure Taboo Collect Call
Alex Jones, Katrina Colt

Pure Taboo Collect Call

Sloan’s (Katrina Colt) life is in ruins when her husband Eric (David Lord) is found guilty and sentenced to a state prison.


To make matters worse, Hank (Alex Jones), Eric’s brother, came forward and accepted a plea deal in exchange for his freedom.

Sloan isn’t afraid to tell Hank what a coward he is when he shows up at her home and pays her a visit.

In Pure Taboo Collect Call, Hank, though, has a different perspective. Yes, he exposed his own family, but he had legitimate reasons for doing so.

Especially since Eric will undoubtedly be gone for many years at this point, he wants to be there to protect Sloan.

Although nothing will ever be the same, Hank can at least help his in-law in some way. Sloan, who is abhorred by Hank’s behaviour, rejects all of his attempts to persuade her.

Hank expresses his true feelings just when it appears that she is preparing to expel him permanently. He always has loved Sloan, and still does.

During Pure Taboo Collect Call, Sloan is shocked by this information and she can’t help but acknowledge that she felt the same way about Hank. But is this really how she would betray her husband? It’s just so… off.

Despite her best efforts to hide her erection, Hank’s adoring and insistent comments eventually have her on their side.

They engage in passionate sexual activity before Eric makes a collect call.

Hank remains by her side and INSIDE of her as Sloan keeps him on the phone and encourages him.

Pure Taboo What Others Want: A Kenzie Anne Story

Pure Taboo What Others Want: A Kenzie Anne Story
Isiah Maxwell, Kenna James, Kenzie Anne

Pure Taboo
What Others Want: A Kenzie Anne Story

Amy (Kenzie Anne), a stunning camgirl, ends one of her cam shows. She engages in fan conversations and has an endearing bubbly personality.


As she starts to take off her makeup after signing off, her demeanour changes and she appears lonesome.

The phone rings after a little period of silence. It’s Jay, a new man in Amy’s life (Isiah Maxwell). Only a few weeks have passed since they started dating, but so far, things are going well.

Someone who makes Amy nervous and appears to be interested in her opinions as opposed to merely her appearance. When she eagerly picks up the phone, Jay invites her to visit him.

In Pure Taboo What Others Want, he claims that he wants to make an informal proposal to her that they have been discussing official. But until they meet in person, he won’t reveal what it is. Amy’s face shows a smile.

She longs for romance and is certain that tonight will be the night Jay proposes to her. She nods in agreement and quickly hangs up the phone to get ready.

Amy visits Jay’s home later that day. He gushes about Amy’s beauty, the fun they’ve been having together, and how he had never given thought to anyone in Amy’s line of work previously.

He may have been jerked off to porn, but he never gave the women featured in the movies much thought. Though she initially feels uncomfortable, Amy eventually sees these as compliments.

She expresses to him how much it means to her to be appreciated as a person in addition to her professional accomplishments. She likes him so much because of this.

Jay, however, seems to be just partially paying attention because he is still focused on his point of view. He says he’s been thinking a lot about her lately and is prepared to further things.

Amy takes his hands in hers as she can hardly contain her joy. He goes on to note that he has been curious about several of their recent chats, particularly those that took place in the bedroom.

He liked the thought of her inviting a buddy over to join them in particular.

During Pure Taboo What Others Want, Amy seems downcast. She wasn’t anticipating a proposal like this. Jay is unaware of the change in her body language as it happens

He asks Amy to enchant him with her favourite doll, a toy they can play with tonight, and he is ecstatic. As he pumps her up and makes her feel empty inside, he slides his hands over every inch of her body.

He claims he would adore getting to know Amy’s blonde companion, with whom she occasionally performs on stage. Amy tells her straight out that she can call her, but perhaps another night.

Amy is urged by Jay to call her right away. She receives a phone from him as he tells her that he wants them to enjoy themselves tonight.

Resignedly, Amy calls Lindsey (Kenna James), a friend, and invites her over for a play date.

Pure Taboo Young at Heart

Pure Taboo Young at Heart
Kylie Rocket and Mick Blue

A young woman, Leslie (Kylie Rocket), arrives at the home of Jonah, a young man she’s been bonding with online. This will be her first time meeting Jonah in person and going on a date with him. She knocks on the door, but to her surprise, the door is answered by an older man, Charles (Mick Blue). Charles says that he is Jonah’s parent, and that Jonah is still busy getting ready for the date. He invites Leslie to wait inside.


Leslie and Charles make small talk while waiting for Jonah. Charles seems very eager to keep talking to Leslie, but Leslie starts to wonder what’s taking Jonah so long. She tries using her phone to send a message to Jonah’s number, but to her surprise, she hears the ‘ding!’ of the message arriving on Charles’ phone. Charles realises he can’t stall any longer.

In Pure Taboo Young at Heart, he apologises and says that he was working up the courage to tell her the truth: there IS no Jonah. Charles is the one who’s been talking to Leslie online all this time, making up the Jonah persona – a younger version of himself – to get Leslie to agree to go on a date with him. BUT everything he said online about his personality is more or less true.

Charles mentions that he considers himself young at heart and none of the dates with women his age have clicked. Unfortunately, women Leslie’s age are often too offput with the age difference to go out with him. He was excited when he – as Jonah – met Leslie online and elated when they got along so well. But he also knew that he would eventually have to explain the truth to her, and hoped that he wouldn’t scare her off when he did.

During Pure Taboo Young at Heart, Leslie is clearly shocked and unnerved by everything that Charles just revealed. Not only did he LIE to her and betray her confidence, but he’s SO MANY years OLDER than her – how can she EVER be with him? But Charles protests that age is just a number and that he can give her everything she’s looking for in a man – even MORE.

After all, he comes with the experience of knowing how to satisfy a woman. Leslie is still uneasy. He makes some valid points but she just can’t get past the creepiness of it all. Charles makes her an offer: if she lets him pleasure her and it feels better than with any of the younger guys she’s been with, then she can give him a chance, a REAL chance.