Naughty Movie Night Ivy Wolfe Jennie Rose

Naughty Movie Night
Ivy Wolfe and Jennie Rose

Naughty Movie Night

Ivy Wolfe and Jennie Rose, who share a room, put on their cosy pyjamas for a night in front of the television, but Jennie Rose ends up watching lesbian pornography by accident.


Ivy is interested to know if her flatmate has ever had a sexual encounter with a female before, and as the two of them watch, their hands begin to wander to each other’s bodies for the very first time.

Soon, Ivy will be sucking Jennie’s pussy, and when she does, Jennie will cum more forcefully than she ever does with her lover! After that, Jennie will get a whiff of Ivy just before they 69.

Pornstars Featured in Twisty’s Naughty Movie Night

Ivy Wolfe

Green-eyed radiance Ivy Wolfe finds it all too easy to pique men’s interest, but she warns that she cannot be defeated: “You can befriend and even break wolves, but you can never truly tame them.”

Ivy writes, and this gorgeous brunette shows no indications of slowing down any time soon. Ivy first appeared on porn in 2017 as Emma Scarlett, yearning for the freedom to be her sexual self in a place where she would be accepted without shame.

It’s obvious she found it, and after changing her name to match her true wild side, her new pornstar self was a wonderful fit!

Ivy may not want to be metaphorically tied down, but literally tied down is another story: this girl is naturally submissive and enjoys testing her limits with BDSM.

Ivy can look like a pinup model when she wears bright red lipstick to highlight her smooth skin; when she’s out in nature without makeup, she transforms into a hippy babe emitting good vibes.

Ivy is gorgeous in any context. Watch the video above to catch a glimpse of this wild-at-heart beauty!

Jennie Rose

Beautiful up-and-coming pornstar Jennie Rose was born into a highly conventional and religious home, where she was raised by a number of preachers and a very strict mother.

Since graduating from college, the fiercely independent spinner has broken away from the constraints of her constrained upbringing and carved a successful career path, first starting her own car rental and e-commerce enterprises then opening her own studio, which she still operates when she isn’t busy shooting porn.

Although she didn’t consider working in the adult business until she was in her thirties, the sex-positive nymph enjoys the spotlight and the attention she receives when performing in front of the camera.

When the epidemic came, Jennie would watch porn and masturbate for hours every day during lockdown to satisfy her high sex drive, which inspired her to film her own smutty videos!

One thing to keep in mind about the petite girl is that she never fakes an orgasm; if she isn’t cumming, she won’t tell you she is! When Jennie isn’t getting her tight pussy ploughed on set, she likes to paint, cook delicious Korean food, and look after her pet dog.

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Working Up A Lather Kylie Rocket and Kenzie Anne

Working Up A Lather
Kylie Rocket, Kenzie Anne

Working Up A Lather

When Kylie Rocket finds herself newly single, she knows it’s time for a fresh start.


And what better way to embrace a new chapter than by revamping her look?

Enter Kenzie Anne, a smoking-hot hair stylist with a flair for both hair and desire.

As Kenzie tends to Kylie’s locks, the chemistry between them becomes palpable.

The steamy atmosphere in the salon sets the stage for an unexpected turn of events. Overwhelmed by the moment, Kylie plants a passionate kiss on the alluring Kenzie, sparking an erotic connection that neither can resist.

As the sizzling action unfolds, these lustful babes explore each other’s bodies with insatiable hunger.

The sensual touch of their tongues brings pleasure to new heights as they indulge in a steamy session of pussy-licking.

Their bodies entwined, they passionately trib, losing themselves in a world of pure ecstasy.

In Working Up A Lather, Kylie Rocket and Kenzie Anne create a sensual symphony that will leave you breathless.

This scene is an embodiment of unleashed desires and unspoken fantasies.

As Kylie forgets all about her recent breakup, she dives headfirst into a passionate rendezvous that sets her free.

Join Twisty’s for a tantalising experience that will leave you yearning for more. Working Up A Lather is a seductive masterpiece that explores the boundaries of pleasure and showcases the undeniable chemistry between Kylie Rocket and Kenzie Anne.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of erotic bliss as these two captivating performers take you on a journey of sexual liberation.

Working Up A Lather will ignite your senses and leave you craving for the next thrilling twist in this passionate tale.

Good Cop Bad Bitch Vanessa Sky Kayley Gunner

Twisty’s Good Cop Bad Bitch
Vanessa Sky and Kayley Gunner

Good Cop Bad Bitch

Kayley Gunner, a party girl, is brought into the station by the strict officer Vanessa Sky, who makes a deal with her by offering her the choice to either snitch on a larger criminal or go to jail.


The brunette realises that the law enforcement officer is looking at her breasts inappropriately and admits that she is a very terrible girl who should get a spanking.

Vanessa wants to give Kayley a good smack in the crotch, but instead, she finds herself licking her pussy and caressing her clit till she cums!

These nasty babes take turns kissing each other and even 69 before fingering themselves, but are orgasms going to give Officer Sky what she requires?

In Good Cop Bad Bitch, Kayley rubbed the brunette officer’s pussy, and these bad babes took turns licking each other and even 69 before fingering themselves.

Pornstars Featured in Good Cop Bad Bitch

Vanessa Sky

Vanessa Sky, a pornstar and fan of blowjobs, tweeted, “I look so much prettier with a dick in my mouth.”

Vanessa describes herself as a crazy, carefree soul with a bubble butt and a hilarious personality.

Among her best traits are “I’m always on time and I love eating ass,” “fucking on camera,” and “balancing relatively anything on my head.”

With abilities like hers, it’s no surprise that she has travelled the world entertaining wicked people.

Who wouldn’t want to party with Vanessa if she’s truthful about finding herself in a foreign nation at least once a month?

With her perky tits, tight pussy, and expert level tongue talents, who can blame this beauty’s horny and hot streak for enjoying herself in her own scenes?

Join Vanessa Sky and prepare for a seductive thrill journey in Good Cop Bad Bitch!

Kayley Gunner

Stand to attention. It just so happens that your favourite army veteran is a large chest blonde babe with gorgeous cheekbones.

It will take more endurance than basic training to complete this huge booty angel, but the payoff is worthwhile if you succeed.

With her powerful weapons, Kayley understands how to bang-bang, and she’s deserving of a court-martial!

When she’s not commanding her five-star co-stars to stand at attention, Kayley enjoys resting on the beach and maintaining her fitness with consistent training.

Are you prepared to deploy the sexiest scenes this tour of duty will bring? Check out the scene called Good Cop Bad Bitch with Kayley Gunner above.

Twistys Very Important Pussy Alex Grey Nicole Kitt

Very Important Pussy
Alex Grey and Nicole Kitt

Very Important Pussy

Demanding VIP Nicole Kitt has zero tolerance for the blonde lingerie saleswoman Alex Grey, particularly because of the way Alex can’t stop staring at Nicole’s enviable figure.


Nicole is so sick of trying on clothes that she decides to take Alex’s clothes off for her instead. After putting the blonde’s pants in her mouth and kissing her pussy, she proceeds to undress Alex.

That is precisely what Alex had in mind while she was daydreaming, and she manages to find a way to make Nicole happy in the end as she tickles her clit with her tongue.

In Twistys Very Important Pussy they proceed to sit on each other’s faces while teasing Nicole as she continues to be a very happy customer.

More About Twistys Very Important Pussy

Title: A Passionate Affair: Examining Nicole Kitt and Alex Grey’s Mysterious Relationship

Love has a way of catching us off guard, guiding us down unforeseen alleys, and weaving our lives inextricably into the lives of others.

Today, we dig into the engrossing story of Alex Grey and Nicole Kitt, whose passionate romance crossed borders and left a lasting impression on both of their hearts.

Come along as we explore the mysterious bond between these two souls and the attraction that brought them together.

A Coincidental Meeting

A unexpected meeting that lit a fire in each of their spirits marked the start of their adventure.

When Nicole Kitt and Alex Grey found themselves in the same location, their eyes locked for a brief period of electric connection.

They had no idea that this seemingly unremarkable encounter would serve as the beginning of an incredible love tale.

The Chemistry Dance

Soon after meeting, Alex and Nicole realised they had an unmistakable chemistry.

Their chats were easy to follow, and their laughing blended together like the most beautiful music.

As seen in Twistys Very Important Pussy, they experienced a profound sense of ease and familiarity in each other’s company, as if their souls had known one another for countless incarnations.

Passion Sparks

Their passion increased in ferocity as their relationship grew closer. Alex and Nicole set out on an explorational voyage while embracing the fire that raged inside of them.

A pure and unrestrained passion, an expression of love that went beyond the limits of the physical world, filled their private moments.

Acknowledging Vulnerability

Alex and Nicole found comfort in being open, safe in their relationship.

They established a climate of trust and understanding by disclosing their darkest secrets, worries, and fantasies.

They developed both as individuals and as a couple in this sacred setting, understanding that their love was based on acceptance and authenticity.

Managing Storms

Like any relationship, Alex and Nicole’s had their difficulties. They endured difficulties that put their relationship to the test while managing the challenges of life and love with unshakable support for one another.

Their relationship endured through the ups and downs, which is evidence of their undying dedication to one another.

A Love Unfathomable

Nicole Kitt and Alex Grey had a love that knew no bounds. Their connection served as a canvas for them to express their aspirations, longings, and shared experiences.

During Twistys Very Important Pussy, they encouraged one another to develop, discover, and embrace the full range of experiences that life has to offer.

…in a Nutshell

The love-transformative force of Alex Grey and Nicole Kitt’s story is illustrated. Their meeting was more than just a coincidence; it was a meeting of two souls meant to be.

They demonstrated via their passionate relationship that love has no boundaries and can grow and bloom even in the most unlikely of situations.

Alex and Nicole serve as a living example of how genuine love is a force that transcends reason and results in joy, progress, and eternal happiness as they continue to create their love story.

A Slice Of The Action Kenna James, Ivy Wolfe

A Slice Of The Action
Kenna James, Ivy Wolfe

A Slice of the Action

Blonde scorching bombshell with blonde hair Ivy Wolfe is terribly let down when she returns home anxiously awaiting her dinner plans with her boyfriend.


She gets home to find him dozing in the middle of the remains of his snacks when she gets there.

She was really looking forward to their meal together. In addition to this, it became out that he had actually made an order for some meals!

In Twisty’s A Slice Of The Action Kenna James, a seductive delivery girl who works for Topless Pizza, rings the doorbell while balancing a hot pie on her arm.

Ivy does not have enough money, but Kenna has a method for them to take care of what they each require, and in the meantime, the babes devour each other.

They use scissors to cut the pizza in the kitchen, and then they eat it without the top.

Take a look at these two fine looking blonde babes with amazing looking tits.  I would hate to see what would happen if one of their arms slipped!

Stepmom Doms Sneaky Streamer Lauren Phillips, Lulu Chu

Stepmom Doms Sneaky Streamer
Lauren Phillips, Lulu Chu

Stepmom Doms Sneaky Streamer

Today, Lulu Chu will be bringing a very special surprise for conversation.


Once flowing with her tits and pussy exposed, she pulls out a large dildo, sucking it and then sliding it within herself once she has finished.

However, when her tall, stacked, red-haired stepmother Lauren Phillips sees her at her naughty stream, she is going to teach Lulu a lesson in being a slut, and she is going to do it for all of her admirers to watch

In Stepmom Doms Sneaky Streamer, Lauren coerces Lulu to lick her, and then she has her sit on that dildo while she plays with another toy and fucks her mouth.

Both beauties will use the fake dicks before they turn 69, and the stepmother will cut the streamer till she understands who the real boss is.

Pornstars Featured in Stepmom Doms Sneaky Streamer

Lulu Chu

The stunning Lulu Chu is the ideal hookup since she is punctual and will never keep you waiting to get her cock sucked.

Lulu asserts that they come at parties at least five minutes early on the majority of occasions because they take pleasure in providing head due to their oral fixation.

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Because of this, you won’t ever have to wait for this Chinese non-binary spinner to give you an excellent blowjob. As a result of this, you’ll never have to wait.

The extremely obedient Lulu takes pleasure in being held down and having their long, thick, black hair yanked.

After you have fulfilled each other’s needs, you should accompany Lulu to the nudist beach so that they may re-energise you by displaying their body in front of you.

Do not delay in watching Stepmom Doms Sneaky Streamer and the steamy exchanges that are underneath with Lulu.

Lauren Phillips

Lauren Phillips is like a genuine, breathing replica of the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit. She has the same fiery red hair and towering, statuesque physique as Jessica.

Lauren is a natural performer and exhibits all the polish and athleticism you’d want to see in an adult diva who used to be a professional dancer.

She used to be a dancer professionally, and she still has all the moves down pat. In 2013, Lauren began her professional life as a camgirl.

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As a result of her rapid rise to notoriety, she made the decision to try her hand at making X-rated videos, which are currently being produced by all of the big studios.

Observe how Lauren’s body transformed into one that is toned, curvy, and flexible enough to execute a perfect 180-degree turn as a result of the years of dance training she received as a youngster in New Jersey, followed by her decision to pursue dance in college.

If you aren’t already persuaded that Lauren has what it takes to become your new favourite ginger pornstar, you should watch her scene Stepmom Doms Sneaky Streamer as soon as possible so that you may form your own opinion.

Twistys Fluffing Her Folds Serene Siren, Charly Summer

Twistys Fluffing Her Folds
Serene Siren and Charly Summer

Fluffing Her Folds

Hotel maid Charly Summer drops off a load of fluffy towels for demanding blonde guest Serene Siren, but when Serene doesn’t fully close the door, Charly pushes it open to peek in at her getting undressed.


When Serene strips naked and takes a dildo out of her suitcase, Charly has to follow to watch her use it in the bath!

Serene catches the naughty maid watching and rubbing her clit, and tells Charly she’d better clean her pussy with her tongue.

During Twistys Fluffing Her Folds, the babes lick each other and scissor, and Serene explores both the maid’s holes with her mouth before they 69.

Pornstars Appearing in Twistys Fluffing Her Folds

Serene Siren

Hardbodied blonde Serene Siren has retained all of her impressive flexibility from her days as a championship gymnast.

Which is why she started out in the adult industry under a moniker designed to draw attention to her ability to put her legs behind her head called Bella Bends.

But after this sultry stunner took a hiatus, she decided that when she returned to the biz as a hot MILF with a new set of big tits in 2018.

She also wanted a new name that would truly do justice to her personality: calm one minute, and supremely seductive the next.

Serene explains that as a Gemini with a dualistic nature, “I can go and have the most serene day, but by night, I might be a siren!”

Charly Summer

Just barely breaking five feet, little Miss Charly Summer is ultra petite, which may be why she’s extra motivated to show every inch of herself to everyone she can.

Charly is a total exhibitionist who started out posting naked selfies to social media before deciding to start getting paid for it.

She loves filming her naughty public exploits for all her fans, and Charly confesses that she still gets off on sharing provocative pictures on her private accounts as a subtle thirst trap.

“The horny replies I get really turn me on, I love thinking about them when I masturbate.” Give Charly the erotic thrill she’s looking for by watching her getting fucked in Twistys Fluffing Her Folds.

One On The House Emma Magnolia, Holly Day

One On The House
Emma Magnolia, Holly Day

One On The House

Dark-haired girly girl Holly Day is shocked when it turns out her new redhead goth roomie, Emma Magnolia, is screwing dudes for cash, and angrily orders the guy out.


Emma thinks Holly’s just mad because she’s jealous, so she decides to give her pretty roommate a freebie. She licks Holly’s clit, fingers her, and the babes scissor.

Then it’s Holly’s turn to eat pussy. In Twisty’s One On The House Emma knows just how to put a smile on her roommate’s face… and she might just have a repeat customer!

Pornstars Featured in One On The House

Emma Magnolia

Flame-haired Emma Magnolia has a different brand of seduction than most.

Not that this thicc, curvy, and totally gorgeous model-turned-porn starlet has to do much in the way of seducing when she sees a guy or girl who’s just her type… but instead of candlelight and lingerie, Emma will simply ask you to join her in reading some erotica or doujinshi.

As Emma says, it works every time! What if you want to seduce the lovely Miss Magnolia right back? Emma loves hearing what you’re most passionate about… and she also loves big, luscious thighs!

Check out this nerdy squirter’s seductive scene called One On The House

Holly Day

Date of Birth: August 12th, 2001
Birth Place: N/A
Height: 5′ 9″
Measurements: 36B-29-40

Twisty’s Roadside Attraction Emma Magnolia

Twisty’s Roadside Attraction
Emma Magnolia

Your thick and curvy April Twistys Treat of the Month, Miss Emma Magnolia, drives a convertible down the open road, her long red curls blowing in the breeze.

When Emma pulls into a roadside motel, you’ll find out what’s in her luggage, and it isn’t clothes…


Emma does a sexy tease in red strappy lingerie, then pops open her suitcase to show the range of toys waiting inside.

In Twisty’s Roadside Attraction, she fingers her pussy, then slides a dildo inside till she squirts, and pleasures herself on the satin sheets until she’s fully satisfied.

About Emma Magnolia

Flame-haired beauty Emma Magnolia has struggled to maintain monogamous relationships because she wants sex 24/7, and her past boyfriends haven’t been able to keep up! Speaking frankly, Emma says: “I feel like I get grouchy if I’m dating someone who doesn’t want to play or have as much sex as I do.”

Fed up with work getting in the way of pleasure, the ever-horny nympho from Chicago quit her teaching job to pursue her other passion in life – masturbation! An instant hit in the smut biz, Emma reveled in her success at making money from orgasms, and she has since transitioned from sexy camgirl to pornstar babe.

Finally getting all the cock she deserves, the big-boobed starlet loves being creative when getting down and dirty on set and freely exploring her sexual desires, which she describes as fluid and without boundaries.

Emma was even once in a throuple with two other women while also frequenting orgies on the side! When she isn’t satisfying her pussy, the privately educated redhead enjoys cooking up a whole host of culinary delights in her kitchen.

Don’t miss out on this tasty treat – check out tattooed Emma’s smokin’ hot scene called Twisty’s Roadside Attraction

Twisty’s To Catch A Feeling Aubree Valentine, Elsie

To Catch A Feeling
Aubree Valentine, Elsie

To Catch A Feeling
Aubree Valentine Elsie

Private investigator Aubree Valentine has been following Elsie for a week to see if her husband’s suspicions are true, and sure enough, Elsie’s been cheating… but not with a man!


Just watching the beautiful wife kiss another woman gets Aubree so horny, she goes against her better judgement, picking Elsie up and telling her who she is.

In Twisty’s To Catch A Feeling Elsie can tell the PI wants her, so she kisses her in her car, then invites her inside. The babes lick each other’s pussies and 69 as Aubree investigates every inch of Elsie.

Pornstars Featured in Twisty’s To Catch A Feeling

Aubree Valentine

“Naughty Aubree” will fuck your girl, make no mistake about it. One of the highest-earning models on social media, Aubree is a curvaceous brunette with a bubble butt worth swooning over.

A former waitress in Hurricane, Utah, Aubree moved out to Las Vegas to start a career as a cam girl, but quickly made the switch to social media platforms to earn way more.

When she isn’t showing her delicious titties in selfie-mode, Aubree loves to be outdoors fishing, hiking, dirt biking, and just relaxing. This wild Valentine will steal your heart, and you can find out why in the scenes below!


Sit back and let stunning seductress Elsie satisfy your carnal cravings.

A recent newcomer to the porn scene, this all-natural beauty is especially proud of her thick, luscious ass which she loves showing off – especially when she’s twerking it over a huge cock in front of the camera!

Bored with conventional vanilla sex, the submissive babe hopes that her time spent shooting smut in front of the camera will help boost her self-confidence and broaden her sexual horizons, in particular girl-on-girl action, anal, and learning how to squirt!

Born and raised in Kenya, the former model often expresses her creative side through the art of body painting, and also enjoys experimenting with different fashion styles and bright, vibrant colors, her favorites being red and yellow.

A feisty Virgo, big-boobed Elsie is already sending shockwaves through the industry, and she can’t wait to show you just how great she is at giving head! Check out her sizzling hot scenes below!

Squeaky Clean Squirting Tiffany Watson, Amari Anne

Squeaky Clean Squirting
Tiffany Watson, Amari Anne

Squeaky Clean Squirting

It’s cleaning lady Tiffany Watson’s first day at a new house, but teen Amari Anne gives her some trouble.


After first calling her a loser, Amari pours a glass of milk on the kitchen floor and tells Tiffany to clean it up!

But while the blonde cleaner gets on her hands and knees to scrub, the horny teen records her on her phone, secretly playing with herself as she watches.

She then retreats to her room to use a vibrator on her pussy as she replays the video. Tiffany catches her and gives Amari what she wants, eating her pussy and scissoring.

In Squeaky Clean Squirting, they use the vibe on each other, and Amari makes the sexy cleaner squirt!

Twisty’s Shut Up And Fuck Me SlimThick Vic, Suttin

Shut Up And Fuck Me
SlimThick Vic, Suttin

Shut Up And Fuck Me

Your March Twistys Treat of the Month, blonde goddess Slimthick Vic, loves starting her day with some early morning pleasure… but her roommate, Suttin, doesn’t love being awoken by loud moans!


Suttin bursts in on her roomie, but starts getting horny and decides to keep Vic quiet by gagging her with her panties as she takes over moving the dildo in and out of Vic’s pussy, then shuts her up even more by sitting on her face!

In Twisty’s Shut Up And Fuck Me, it’s Suttin’s turn to get loud as they scissor and Vic uses the toy on her wet gagging pussy.