Cleaning Until The Ass Gapes Emily Pink

Cleaning Until The Ass Gapes
Emily Pink, Yanick Shaft

Cleaning Until The Ass Gapes

Yanick Shaft’s flat was given a thorough cleaning by Emily Pink. Her country of origin was Colombia. It was solely to increase her income that she was cleaning.


What a strange occurrence! Yanick was very well off financially. Emily was shown a stack, and he then inquired as to whether or not she would be willing to clean in her underpants.

Emily was an excellent young lady. Naturally, she became angry and gave a negative response. She did not stop cleaning. And Yanick kept insisting.

The persistent person will eventually succeed. Therefore, she went ahead and took the money before disrobing to her pants. She did not stop cleaning.

Yanick continued to wave cash at her till she lost her composure and dropped her bra. Then there were the briefs.

While she was tidying up the living room, she turned around and saw Yanick standing behind her, holding a younger version of himself who appeared to be fairly grown up.

He offered even more money in exchange for the opportunity to fuck her in the ass. Well, he did! He continued to fuck her arse till she let out a groan.