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Cum to the Cookout Clap these cheeks!

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Ameena Green and Zac Wild

Zac Wild and his wife extend an invitation to their newly single friend, Ameena Green, to join them for a barbecue. The purpose of the event is to distract Ameena from the recent split she experienced and to provide her with an opportunity to enjoy some quality outdoor grilling.

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The way Zac deals with his meat is impeccable! Ameena flashes some flesh to his husband after his wife has fallen asleep, which results in his cock coming out of his sweatpants, and then she leads him into the bathroom. Zac gives Ameena a tongue massage on her moist pussy, and she gives him a tongue massage on his sprang dick.

During the time that his wife is soundly sleeping outside, Zac gives Ameena’s pussy a hammering all over the bathroom, including standing up, sitting down and every position in between. Following the trail of pheromones and pussy juice into the bathroom, Zac’s wife eventually does wake up and realises that her husband has gone missing.

She then follows the trail into the bathroom. It turns out that Ameena is not interested in the sun; rather, she is looking for vitamin D!

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