Dad Keeps Yoinkin My Dates Paisley Porter

Dad Keeps Yoinkin My Dates
Paisley Porter, Mick Blue, Jimmy Collins

Dad Keeps Yoinkin' My Dates!

As Jimmy attempts to navigate the local dating scene, all he really wants is for his wealthy father Mick to give him the thumbs up on whatever he does.


In Dad Keeps Yoinkin My Dates, Paisley Porter, his smouldering new lover, is little more than a trophy in his eyes, but this determined firecracker has plans of her own to accomplish.

It’s possible that Jimmy isn’t all that, but his dad is a Chad to the extreme, and Paisley isn’t about to let a chance like this pass her by!

Pornstar Featured in Dad Keeps Yoinkin My Dates

Paisley Porter

Glamour model gone bad. Do not be fooled by Paisley Porter’s angelic appearance; despite her large eyes, this young lady is nothing but a filthy animal.

Paisley doesn’t leave much to the imagination, especially when it comes to her high-key passion for giving blowjobs.

Her social media account describes her as “basically a huge whore who sucks dicks for a living,” which doesn’t leave much room for the imagination.

Paisley is energised whenever she gets a kick out of watching a partner get turned on, and this is especially true when the partner is turned on by her 32D enormous tits and banging booty.

Watch the video titled “Dad Keeps Yoinkin My Dates” to see Paisley Porter, who is a sexual powerhouse who enjoys making other people happy.