Dear God Its Me Brija

Dear God Its Me Brija
Brija Monet, Jonathan Jordan

Dear God Its Me Brija

Brija is currently enjoying some personal time at home, referring to her sex toy as her “dildo”. However, it fails to provide her with the same level of satisfaction that an actual phallus would.


She is unable to resist expressing her frustration in desiring a genuine phallus. My plea is akin to a prayer, expressing my strong need for a genuine phallus.

As if by some extraordinary occurrence, there is a sudden rap on the door. Will he take action? Jonathan is standing at the door, contemplating whether she has a moment to spare for the dissemination of positive information.

She lacks interest in just verbal expressions; religion without of action is devoid of life. Jonathan expresses his utmost willingness to assist her, assuming the role of a humble servant. She hastily ushers him into the house, as if he hadn’t uttered a word.

In Dear God Its Me Brija, she embraces him tightly against her ample bosom and informs him about the task. Jonathan possesses the ability to recognise and appreciate a fortunate occurrence. She reveals his BBC and realises that Jonathan is the one who is endowed.

They engage in sexual intercourse reminiscent of the past, with Brija’s ample and aesthetically pleasing breasts bouncing in various directions. Jonathan is compelled to ejaculate into her.

It is preferable for your semen to be ejaculated inside the womb of a prostitute rather than on the ground.