Delivery Driver Dicked Down Lexi Lore

Delivery Driver Dicked Down
Lexi Lore, Manuel Ferrara

Delivery Driver Dicked Down

When Manuel Ferrara is unsuccessful in getting his wife to fuck him, he shifts his attention to the enticing delivery girl Lexi Lore.


Lexi is more than game for Manuel’s big dick. She begins by sucking his cock right in the doorway of the house, and then she sneaks into the house to get her pussy pounded in the proper manner.

After being discovered by Manuel’s wife, Manuel and Lexi sneak away together in their car.

Pornstar Featured in Delivery Driver Dicked Down

Lexi Lore

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“Yes, I have a dirty mind, and right now you’re running through it… naked,” this cutie declares. Watch Lexi’s hot video called Delivery Driver Dicked Down now, and she’ll be joining you soon!