Ding Dong Ditch Jordan Maxx

Ding Dong Ditch
Jordan Maxx, Diego Perez

Ding Dong Ditch jordan maxx

When Lil Humper, Diego Perez and his friend are out driving around pulling some old-school pranks, they come upon Ms. Maxx, who was their college lecturer in the past.


They decided to use a ding-dong-ditch to win back the blonde MILF because she had a reputation for being overly severe.

In Reality Kings Ding Dong Ditch, Diego falls and his friend abandons him, but Jordan Maxx lures him into her house and lets him suck on her gigantic titties, the plan goes bad.

This joke that went horribly wrong ended up producing the best possible result: Diego ending up with his balls firmly embedded in his professor’s pussy.

Pornstar Featured in Ding Dong Ditch

Jordan Maxx

Jordan Maxx, a blonde MILF, has finally returned for another spicily sexual session.

The supreme predator in the film industry, it’s obvious that this enthusiast of basketball and professional wrestling says her prayers and takes her vitamins since her 34D massive tits and big booty make her the best at what she does.

Jordan has won the respect and adoration of her co-stars as well as millions upon millions of adoring fans thanks to her grit, loyalty, and respect.

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