Dinner Party Dick Down Kimmy Granger

Dinner Party Dick Down
Kimmy Granger, Scott Nails

Dinner Party Dick Down

At the dinner party, Scott Nails’ girlfriend is acting all sweet and romantic towards him, but when gorgeous Kimmy Granger flashes him her pussy and tells him to follow her to the kitchen, Scott is unable to refuse Kimmy’s request to join her in the kitchen.


When one of their mutual friends walks in on them, Kimmy lets him watch while she suckers his big dick and gets fucked over the counter.

Kimmy gives Scott a ride on his dick like only she can while another couple watches and records the whole thing on film as Scott carries the hot chick into the living room in his arms.

Kimmy is able to continue taking that dick and even letting Scott fuck her feet before he cums in her mouth because their pals step in to play the role of intermediaries whenever Scott’s girlfriend finds them.

Pornstar Featured in Dinner Party Dick Down

Kimmy Granger

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There is also a good chance that you will be blown away after observing how seductive this mischievous nympho appears as she tenderly approaches the camera while flexing a large, chubby cock.

With a height of less than 5 feet, Kimmy possesses the ideal physique to indulge in virtually any fantasy, and she readily accepts the opportunity to do so on camera.

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