Double The Ass Double The Fun Joanna Angel Angel Youngs

Double The Ass Double The Fun
Joanna Angel, Angel Youngs, Scott Nails

Double The Ass, Double The Fun

After bidding her husband farewell for his upcoming business trip, Angel Youngs promptly proceeds to make a phone call to procure a discreet and adult-oriented service including the presence of two escorts, namely Joanna Angel and Scott Nails.


Angel’s explicit desire for a threesome with anal intercourse is willingly accommodated by the escorts, provided that the financial compensation meets their expectations.

Both Angel and Joanna are already prepared with anal plugs inserted, displaying their readiness for sexual activity.

They eagerly anticipate engaging in sexual intercourse with Scott, who possesses a generously sized phallus.

Pornstars Featured in Brazzers Double The Ass, Double The Fun

Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel is the type of beautiful nerd that men hope to one day find with her head in their lap instead of a book.

Only contrary to your typical bookworm, this geeky gal would be completely down! Joanna, a raven-haired vixen with cum-worthy curves, a petite frame, and some truly badass tattoos, emerged from her shell in the best manner possible: by becoming one of the most sought-after alternative stars in the porn industry.

During her years in the adult film industry, it is evident that Miss Angel has not only adopted her sexuality, but also mastered a number of sexual techniques.

And while this tiny temptress’s dazzling solo performance has garnered her the most gold at the AVN Awards, we can’t get enough of her astounding anal scenes!

Check out this scene called Double The Ass Double The Fun to see this daring, iconic starlet in all her sexy splendour!

Angel Youngs

Angel Youngs, a blonde girl who works as an exotic dancer, frequently expresses how badly she wants to have sex first thing in the morning, but the truth is that she is horny at every single hour of the day.

Angel is just about always thinking about getting her hands on a large dick or a good wet pussy, and once you get one glance of her big natural double-Ds, you’ll be just as horny as she is.

Whether she’s flashing her pussy outside in the sun or getting crazy on a balcony in the thick of Mardi Gras, Angel is just about always thinking about it.