Down and Dirty Laundromat Anal

Down and Dirty Laundromat Anal
Callie Black, Vivianne Desilva, Parker Ambrose

Down and Dirty Laundromat Anal

When you see Vivianne Desilva and Callie Black filling their washing machines at the laundromat, you can’t help but think about another kind of load!


When the hot chicks realise that Parker Ambrose is watching, they start to taunt him.

In Reality Kings Down and Dirty Laundromat Anal, Vivianne pulls out her tits while Callie rattles her ass, even revealing that she is wearing a butt plug and does not have any underwear on below her skirt!

Callie sucks on Parker in secret, and she doesn’t care if she gets caught; she just wants his massive dick to be all up in her pussy and her ass while Vivianne records it!

Pornstars Featured in Down and Dirty Laundromat Anal

Callie Black

adorable girl next door with freckles Callie Black calls herself a freak on the streets as well as in the bedroom.

Even seasoned porn fans may have never seen the mind-blowing assortment of nasty sex toys this curvy blonde performs with in her webcam performances!

You might think Callie has done everything dirty there is to do after watching one of her infamous solo performances where she stretches out all of her holes.

This wicked bisexual babe still has plenty of unfulfilled fantasies she wants to bring to life in porn now that she has access to an endless supply of hot men and women!

Vivianne Desilva

The beautiful Vivianne DeSilva is best characterised by the phrase “insatiable.”

Whether she’s seeking a secret location for some public sex, sucking cock, or getting DP’d, this California girl — who also has Brazilian citizenship and an ass to make that country proud — can’t get enough, and Ms. DeSilva will never pass up the chance for an orgy!

When Vivianne isn’t buried in a book or watching a documentary, she’s generally seen applauding at a sporting event or shaking her booty at a live concert.

She also has a hunger for information and a lust for life that needs to be sated.

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