Dr. Montana Will Help You Cum Kitana Montana

Dr. Montana Will Help You Cum
Kitana Montana, Mick Blue

Dr. Montana Will Help You Cum

Hot, pervy doctor Kitana Montana’s specialty is helping couples with their fertility issues.


When Mick Blue and his wife come to Kitana and inform her that they are having problems conceiving, the attractive doctor suggests a sperm sample.

Mick and his wife have been seeing Kitana for quite some time.

She allows Mick some solitude so that he can also stroke one out, but he has no idea that Kitana gets a kick out of spying on her male patients so that she can have a good look at their cocks.

Mick is blissfully unaware of this. When she notices that Mick is having difficulty cumming, she is quick to step in and give a remedy in the form of a Money Shot male wireless masturbator.

This is done before she decides to take the situation into her own hands…and mouth…and pussy!

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Kitana Montana

Kitana Montana is not only exquisite but also exceptionally precise. Her large booty, which gleams exquisitely when bounding in cowgirl attire, will have you saying “yeehaw” repeatedly.

Kitana enjoys travelling, trying new cuisines, and socialising with friends when she is not shooting smut and flaunting her six-pack. Observe the Kitana Montana scene called Dr. Montana Will Help You Cum.