Elle Brooke in an England Football Kit

British Blonde Elle Brooke
Elle Brooke in an England football shirt.

I’m sure that the 755,000 Twitter followers that Miss Elle Brooke has at the moment, are really enjoying seeing her in England football shirt.  Before every England World cup 2022 match, she is showing off her incredible body.

Elle is a huge football fan and is a Manchester City supporter.  We have already seen plenty of sexy photos of this famous OnlyFans babe parading around in nothing but a sky blue Man City kit.

I’m pretty sure we will be seeing a lot more of this pocket sized PocketStars model giving her fans what they want to see during the World Cup in Qatar.  This British blonde OnlyFans success story loves to show off her perfect tits by lifting up her shirt and taking photos of those titties and that very firm stomach.

The further the England football team go in this years world Cup, the more sexy photos, and hopefully videos, we will get to see on Elle’s social media accounts.  We have already had the pleasure of seeing her wearing the England shirt and showing off her pussy after England’s 6-2 victory against Iran…so come on England!!