Ex Sex With The New GF Angela White SlimThick Vic

Ex Sex With The New GF

Scorned ex-girlfriend Angela White just can’t seem to move on from her old flame, Vince Karter. Haunted by memories and unresolved emotions, Angela concocts a plan to invite Vince and his new girlfriend, SlimThick Vic, over for dinner.


She presents it as an opportunity for closure, a chance to clear the air and move forward. However, her true intentions are far from innocent—Angela wants one last passionate encounter with Vince. And if Vic’s sexy ass gets involved as well, that would only sweeten the deal for Angela.

The evening begins innocently enough, with Angela playing the gracious host. She sets a beautiful table, serving an elaborate meal and pouring generous glasses of wine. As the night progresses, the atmosphere shifts from polite conversation to a more intimate and suggestive tone. Angela, dressed in a revealing outfit that highlights her curves, uses every opportunity to touch Vince, her fingers lingering on his arm, her eyes locking with his in a way that speaks volumes.

SlimThick Vic, initially wary of Angela’s intentions, starts to relax as the wine flows and the conversation deepens. Angela’s charm and the nostalgic reminiscing about old times draw Vic in, creating a strange but undeniable chemistry between the three. Angela seizes the moment, her hand accidentally brushing against Vic’s thigh, sending a clear signal that she is interested in more than just talking.

Vince, caught between his past and present, feels the rising tension and his desire for Angela reignites. The trio moves to the living room, the air thick with unspoken promises. Angela finally makes her move, kissing Vince passionately. To her surprise and delight, Vic doesn’t pull away. Instead, she joins in, her hands exploring Angela’s body.

What started as a dinner for closure turns into an explosive night of passion. Angela’s plan comes to fruition as she and Vince rekindle their physical connection, with Vic enthusiastically participating. The boundaries blur as they lose themselves in the moment, their bodies intertwined in a heated, passionate exchange.

The night ends with a mix of satisfaction and confusion. Angela got what she wanted—one last intense encounter with Vince, and an unexpected tryst with Vic. For Vince and Vic, the experience leaves them questioning their relationship and what the future holds. As they leave Angela’s house, they know that this night will be one they won’t soon forget.