Fake Taxi French Sexual Psychology Candy Scott

French Sexual Psychology
Candy Scott

French Sexual Psychology

In the Fake Taxi I went today, I had the pleasure of picking up Candy Scott, a sensual French student who needed a trip back to school.


Upon our departure, Candy shared with me that she had received her education in psychology and had focused on research pertaining to sexual desire.

The tiny sweetie with the raven hair knew just how to get my blood pumping by first showing me her juicy tits and then revealing to me her moist crotch, which made it impossible for me to concentrate on the road.

I stopped the car in a remote spot so that I could join the cheeky rascal in the backseat of the cab. There, she proceeded to give me a lengthy and intense throat blowjob.

In Fake Taxi French Sexual Psychology, after she had finished making my enormous dick nice and moist, Candy was ready for a good fucking, and she nearly begged me to penetrate her while she was in missionary position.

After that, the pierced and tattooed nymph straddled me backward and bounced her tight snatch on my lap while she was straddling me.

Next, Candy showed me her little but firm arse and allowed me to give her a doggystyle till I withdrew to give her a steamy, scorching facial!