Fake Taxi The Wetter the Better

Fake taxi The Wetter the Better

Fake Taxi The Wetter the Better

I went to pick up the lovely brunette Betzz, who was wearing a short pink dress on the day that it was damp and raining outside.


I asked the smokin’ hot Czech if she was interested in making some additional cash, and I offered her a free ride if she was willing to show me more of her smoking hot body in exchange for the ride.

Betzz gave her permission to undress, and she did so in just her pants. I was able to locate a remote area in a hurry in order to pull over, and I joined the all-natural babe in the back of the cab, where I fingered her firm pussy.

Betzz paid me back the favour by giving me a wonderful blowjob, after which she opened her delicate legs and invited me to fuck her in missionary position.

In Fake Taxi The Wetter the Better, the beautiful nymph, her flawless tits on full display, stepped up on the roof of the car to ride me like a cowgirl as I rubbed her clit. After that, we performed some spooning in the backseat.

After I had finished, I got on all fours with Betzz and fucked her from behind in a manner similar to that of a dog until I’d had enough, and then the filthy mare drank up all of my cum!