Fresh Meat and Two Hot Buns Thick Ass Daphne Serena Hill

Fresh Meat and Two Hot Buns
Thick Ass Daphne, Serena Hill, Johnny Love

Fresh Meat and Two Hot Buns

When faced with the presence of an exceptionally attractive patron, Serena Hill and Thick Ass Daphne, the waitresses, together decide to enhance their work shift.


During the period in which Daphne is attending to Johnny Love’s request, she discreetly passes a note to Serena, challenging her to engage in a sexual encounter with him. Serena willingly accepts the proposition.

The individual initiates the interaction by proposing to engage in oral stimulation with Johnny Love, in addition to his order of chicken fingers. However, this proposition is interrupted when her superior unexpectedly arrives at the scene.

When Johnny approaches the counter to inquire about the whereabouts of his waitress Serena, Daphne accommodates him by granting him permission to engage in breastfeeding from her breasts instead.

There exists a singular approach to resolve this conflict, which entails the participation of the famished female servers engaging in a consensual triadic encounter, while concurrently partaking in the consumption of Johnny’s delectable and searingly hot culinary offering.

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Thick Ass Daphne

Not only does all-natural girl Thick Ass Daphne have the best booty in the industry, but she can also fuck exceedingly well with a strap-on and is an utter nymph who enjoys being laid at any time and in any location!

The 2023 Urban X Award winner prefers dicks that are seven inches long and have a small girth, and she enjoys swallowing all the cum that falls into her mouth!

Former stripper Daphne has charmed audiences worldwide since entering the adult entertainment industry and is now one of the most talked-about female performers in the business.

There’s no disputing that the voluptuous hottie and her enormous bubble butt are destined for smut glory, especially because she already has a devoted fan following that’s always on the lookout for more scintillating stuff from the Chicago native.

In the scene called Fresh Meat and Two Hot Buns, Thick Ass Daphne puts on a masterclass performance!

Serena Hill

Sorry dudes, no information about Serena Hill available right now.