Gets What She Wants Sasha Pearl

Gets What She Wants
Sasha Pearl, Juan Loco

Gets What She Wants Sasha Pearl

Stepmother Sasha is in a severe state of exhaustion and requests a foot massage. She begs her stepson to give her a massage so that she may unwind after a long day at work.


He is willing to cooperate on the condition that he would be able to relax and watch a movie while he works.

He is so focused on massaging his stepmother that he is oblivious to the fact that she is simultaneously fingering herself and deriving twice as much pleasure from the experience.

Stepson realises it once he removes his hands from her feet and she continues to comment on how amazing it feels as she is doing so.

He looks back at her and notices what it is that she is doing. Incredulous, he takes a few steps back and then inquires as to the rationale behind her actions.

The stepmother explains to him that she needs his assistance with the cum because she is unable to handle it on her own.

In Bang Bros Gets What She Wants, the stepson is first taken aback by the request, but after some persuading that his father won’t find out, he grabs a dildo and begins administering it to her.

But despite her several attempts, she is still unable to free herself. After that, she has the bright notion of using his dick instead of her own hand.

Stepson gives the proposal a brief moment of consideration before jumping on board with it.

He cums all over his stepmother’s gorgeous face while giving her his massive cock in a variety of positions till he finally finishes.