Getting Step Mom Lubricated Justine Jakobs

Getting Step Mom Lubricated

On a beautiful day, Justine is oiling the pool while she is outside. At the same time as Parker is coming out to see if he can obtain some oil as well, he discovers that his stepmother Justine is doing the same thing.


Though he is playing koi, she informs him that it is okay to stare at her because she is not his biological mother. Afterwards, she informs him that he can make himself helpful by applying some oil to her back and rubbing it in. To make matters even better, don’t forget to lubricate her enormous tits.

Justine is getting hot as a result of all the stroking. As a result, she informs Parker that there is one final location that requires some attention. Her genitalia. As he massages oil into her clit, he rubs it in and massages it in very deeply. When Justine realised that she was out of oil and extremely horny, she decided that it was time to repay Parker’s favour by lubricating his dick.

Due to the fact that there is no more oil, she will have to deal with it with her tongue. Following the sucking of Parker’s erect dick, the two of them begin to fuck outside. They should take it indoors because Justine insists that she needs to be raped in a more correct manner. To ensure that he has plenty time to clean up before his father arrives home, he gives her a nice fucking and then cums all over her face and tits.