Getting Stepmom Wet Carla Boom

Getting Stepmom Wet
Carla Boom, Jordi El Nino Polla

Getting Stepmom Wet

Jordi El Nino Polla is patiently waiting with a squirt gun, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.


When his stepmother Carla Boom, who is curvy and blonde, walks up to him with her hands full of groceries and is wearing a white blouse without a bra, he immediately rushes into action and totally floods her with water.

Carla yells at him as he rushes away, but he hasn’t gone very far yet, as he appears to be peaking in the window to watch her remove her top.

At the precise moment when she is bending down to place it in the dryer, he comes up behind her and brushes his erect dick on her posterior region.

In Reality Kings Getting Stepmom Wet, this MILF, however, takes charge of the situation at that moment, grabbing him by the cock and then shoving her large booty in his face.

This is when the tables suddenly change. After Carla has sucked Jordi and ridden his enormous dick, she demands a hard fuck on the floor, and then she makes him cum between her thighs a few moments later.