Girlsway Always Stayed Faithful Victoria Voxxx, Nicole Doshi

Girlsway Always Stayed Faithful
Victoria Voxxx, Nicole Doshi

Girlsway Always Stayed Faithful

When Victoria Voxxx’s fiancee, Nicole Doshi, takes her to her home, she is taken aback by the stunning appearance of Nicole’s abode. Victoria is overcome with emotion.


Nevertheless, Nicole refers to it adoringly as THEIR home. After being involved in a vehicle accident ten years ago, Victoria has spent the majority of that time in a coma, which has caused her to miss out on many experiences.

When the disaster occurred, Victoria and Nicole had just snuck away from Victoria’s parents’ house to get married in secret, which Victoria’s parents strongly disapproved of.

Further, Nicole discloses that she has always been loyal to Victoria, which is the reason why Victoria’s parents have finally come around to the idea of the two of them being together.

In Girlsway Always Stayed Faithful, Victoria is genuinely moved by Nicole’s unwavering support for her for such a long period of time, but she is also saddened by everything that Nicole had to go through.

After expressing her compassion, Nicole explains that she has something special in store for Victoria.

In an effort to help Victoria get caught up on everything that she has been absent from, Nicole gives Victoria a box that is full with remembrances.

Victoria is overjoyed and feels an overwhelming sense of emotion as she discovers that their wedding rings are contained within the package.

According to Nicole, the rings were found at the scene of the vehicle accident, and Nicole placed them in the box as a precautionary measure after putting them there.

Sparks begin to fly between them, and after determining that Victoria is ready for it, they come to the conclusion that they should make love in order to begin creating wonderful new memories together.