Girlsway Family & Sitters Reunited

Girlsway Family & Sitters Reunited
Aiden Ashley, Victoria Voxxx, Hazel Moore, Siri Dahl

Family & Sitters, Reunited

Hazel Moore’s stepmother, Siri Dahl, throws her for a loop when she reacquaints her with Aiden Ashley and Victoria Voxxx, the babysitters she had in the past.


Hazel appears flustered. Since Siri is aware that Hazel is interested in being a babysitter, she made plans for Aiden and Victoria to visit Hazel’s house and provide her with some instruction on how to care for children.

Hazel continues to be timid and flustered even when the others catch up to her.

Siri is perplexed as to why Hazel is so reserved, and eventually she figures out that Hazel has a crush on both Aiden and Victoria. Siri finds it endearing, even though it makes Hazel feel self-conscious.

In Girlsway Family & Sitters Reunited, Aiden and Victoria are flattered that Hazel has a thing on Siri, and they both acknowledge that they had crushes on Siri as well.

In point of fact, they have not gotten over their loves on Siri and continue to compliment her and Hazel on how well they have matured.

After that, Aiden and Victoria come up with an idea: because they are all adults now, the four of them should get together and form a quartet.

The expressions on both Hazel and Siri’s faces indicate that they are taken aback, but Hazel then timidly confesses to her crushes that it would be a dream come true for her.

Siri acknowledges that it would also be a dream come true for HER because Aiden and Victoria are making her feel so beautiful; yet, Siri is still a little worried about it because she and Hazel are related.

On the other hand, Aiden and Victoria are successful in persuading Siri that a quartet would be the best way to give this reunion the celebration it merits.