Girlsway Romancing Remotely Jayden Cole, Victoria Voxxx

Girlsway Romancing Remotely
Jayden Cole, Victoria Voxxx

Romancing Remotely

Jayden Cole invites Victoria Voxxx, an information technology specialist, into her home so that she may fix a problem with her computer.


They used to work together in the same office, but since Jayden made the transition to working from home, they haven’t seen each other in a while.

When Victoria sees Jayden dressed more casually and comfortably than in workplace clothing, she is a little taken aback by how adorable he looks.

The fact that Jayden’s computer issue could not be resolved remotely prompted Victoria to make the trip all the way here, and while Jayden apologised for the inconvenience, Victoria insisted that she was glad to be of assistance.

In Girlsway Romancing Remotely, Jayden shows Victoria the way inside her bedroom, which has a desk in it for her computer.

While Victoria is trying to figure out how to fix the issue by inserting a USB key into the computer, Jayden can’t help but notice how stunning Victoria is.

After the issue with the computer has been resolved, Victoria accidentally drops her USB key, which results in a fresh spark of attraction between the two women as they simultaneously reach for the item.

Both Jayden and Victoria are honest when they say that even though the issue has been resolved, none of them is ready for Victoria to leave just yet.

They’ve missed each other SO MUCH at the office that it’s almost painful to think about it. Jayden makes the request to Victoria that she remain for a little while longer.

They start out with a kiss and then move on to having sweet, playful sex.