Girlsway Why Is Our Closet Leaking?

Why Is Our Closet Leaking?
Whitney Wright, LuLu Chu, Madi Collins

Why is our Closet Leaking?

Madi Collins is having an affair. She makes out with her mistress, Lulu Chu, when suddenly they hear Madi’s wife, Whitney Wright, coming home from work early.

Desperate to not get caught, Madi hides Lulu in a closet. Whitney then enters the bedroom – totally unaware of Lulu in the closet – and sincerely explains that she’d like to try to salvage her and Madi’s crumbling marriage by having spontaneous sex like they used to.

Not wanting to miss this opportunity at saving her marriage (and not wanting to risk having Lulu discovered), Madi agrees to have sex with Whitney.

As Madi and Whitney make love, Lulu peeks at them from the closet doorway.

In Girlsway Why Is Our Closet Leaking? Lulu can see that this is the perfect opportunity for her to sneak out… but the sight of Madi and Whitney having sex is so hot that Lulu decides to stay and masturbate while continuing to watch the couple.

Lulu gets so aroused that she squirts, creating a small puddle in front of the closet. Whitney hears a sound that Lulu made and goes over to the closet, wondering why there’s a puddle on the floor – is their closet LEAKING somehow?

Madi tries to stop Whitney, but she’s too late: Whitney opens the closet door, and sees Lulu. Whitney is shocked to discover that Madi was cheating on her.

Madi apologises, saying she had no idea that Whitney was going to be so sweet and try to save their marriage. Whitney decides to let bygones be bygones, and even offers to have a threesome with Lulu and Madi as a way to help their marriage.

Everyone is on board with the idea, and they get together for a playful threesome, including more squirting!