Goofing Off In A Library Christina Savoy

Goofing Off In A Library
Christina Savoy and Diego Perez

Goofing Off In A Library

The subject of interest is “Little Humper.” Diego Perez’s incessant restlessness and disruptive behaviour prompt a reprimand from the disciplined and well-endowed college librarian, Christina Savoy.


However, when she stoops down to get his books, Diego proceeds to inappropriately observe her posterior, followed by engaging in suggestive gestures towards it.

In the context of a library setting, a male individual engages in a non-consensual act by inserting his genitalia through a bookcase while a female librarian is in the process of organising books.

Subsequently, the librarian, who is experiencing sexual arousal, proceeds to engage in oral-genital contact and a sexual act involving the breasts with the aforementioned individual.

Furthermore, another individual named Diego engages in cunnilingus with the librarian, who attempts to maintain a discreet demeanour.

The sex starved couple engage in sexual intercourse in the doggy-style position, followed by the female assuming a seated position on top of the male’s penis while situated on a table within a library setting.

Subsequently, Diego ejaculates upon the female’s eyeglasses.

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