Happy Swalloween Mads Flores

Happy Swalloween
Mads Flores, Derek Savage

Happy Swalloween
Mads Flores

For this Halloween, the Bang Bus is adorned with eerie decorations, featuring our companion Boner the skeleton.


We search for an attractive person wearing a costume while driving around, and fortunately, we come upon a newcomer named Mads Flores.

Mads is attired and prepared for a party, but the guys intercept her to offer her some confectionery. Everything is proceeding smoothly until we inquire if she would want to accompany us.

After being persuaded and enticed with a display of money, she willingly boarded our eerie bus. Our male acquaintance Derek is currently attired in a banana costume, prompting someone to inquire about the state of his clothing underneath.

During Bang Bros Happy Swalloween, after some playful banter, we are eventually able to catch a glimpse of Mads’ breasts, which are very captivating to see. Her buttocks are exceptionally well-shaped and I am inclined to press my face against them.

Experience our eerie-themed version of the Bang Bus and rest certain that Mads possesses the ability to extract semen from any erect penis.