Hey You Drop Those Panties Serena Santos, Bailey Base , JMac

Hey You Drop Those Panties
Serena Santos, Bailey Base , JMac

Hey You, Drop Those Panties

JMac, a bald, bearded man living in a shared apartment with two female roommates, Serena Santos and Bailey Base, was recently caught stealing their underwear. The incident has left his roommates feeling violated and uneasy.


According to Serena, she first noticed something was amiss when she couldn’t find her favourite pair of lacy underwear. She searched her room and the apartment but couldn’t locate them. She thought it was strange but didn’t think too much of it at first.

However, a few days later, Bailey reported that she, too, had noticed a few of her panties missing. That’s when Serena started to connect the dots and realised that there was something fishy going on.

One night, Serena decided to stay up late and keep an eye on her room. She was shocked when she saw JMac sneak into her room and start rifling through her drawers.

In Hey You Drop Those Panties, Serena quickly called out to him and confronted him about what he was doing. JMac was caught red-handed, with a handful of panties in his hand.

Serena and Bailey were understandably upset and disgusted by JMac’s behaviour. They both immediately called a house meeting to address the issue. JMac admitted to his actions and apologised, but his roommates were not satisfied with his response.

In addition to feeling violated, the roommates were concerned about their safety. They didn’t know what else JMac might be capable of, and they didn’t want to live with someone who would invade their privacy in such a disturbing way.

After the meeting, the roommates decided to kick JMac out of the apartment.  But after they saw the size of his cock, they were more interested in having a threesome.

JMac gets to fuck both of his roommates in this awesome threesome called In Hey You Drop Those Panties.