Hitchhiking Super Sucker Greta Foss

Hitchhiking Super Sucker
Greta Foss

Hitchhiking Super Sucker

While operating my vehicle, I encountered a situation wherein I halted my journey to offer a ride to an attractive individual with fair hair who was seeking transportation by hitchhiking.


Greta Foss was in need of transportation while travelling from Montenegro. In response to her situation, I offered my assistance, contingent upon her engaging in an inappropriate act of exposing her breasts.

The physical appearance of her breasts was aesthetically pleasing, and subsequently, while travelling, I proposed a monetary compensation of 300 euros to the tattooed individual for engaging in oral sexual activity.

After coming to a stop, Greta assumed a kneeling position and proceeded to engage in oral stimulation of my substantial phallus. Subsequently, she presented her well-formed posterior and engaged in sexual intercourse in the doggy-style position.

Experiencing a sense of daring, Greta engaged in a rhythmic movement atop my pelvic region while assuming the cowgirl position.

Subsequently, we returned to the interior of the vehicle, where I engaged in sexual intercourse with the visually appealing individual in the missionary position.

In Public Agent Hitchhiking Super Sucker, following a period of intimate engagement, Greta manually stimulated me until ejaculation occurred, resulting in the dispersal of seminal fluid onto her facial region.

Subsequently, she proceeded to orally cleanse and consume the entirety of the ejaculate.